Taekwondo Kids is always a fun way to engage your children in social activities, especially if they are the passive and shy type. DOS Taekwondo has Taekwondo Kids program that promotes a fun environment for learning, allowing children to build their self-esteem, work as a team, learn new things and have fun, all at the same time.

Although taekwondo, a a martial arts, have been portrayed as a violent fighting practice, it actually teaches a lot of great lessons and values especially for children. Taekwondo Kids is a great investment for your kids to learn and enjoy; they will surely love the sport and learn from it.

Here are the benefits of Taekwondo Kids:


Children will become more active

One good reason why most parents enroll their children in martial arts school is because it helps them become more active and get moving. Since more and more kids start to become unfit as they grow old, martial arts is a great start for kids to start exercising and having a healthier body.


Helps improve their focus and Stillness

Some kids today develop ADHD and ADD, which makes them lose concentration on the things they do. And losing focus is a bad thing especially when you are doing tasks. One good way to help children improve their focus and concentration is by enrolling them in taekwondo classes. There are many activities where in the children could participate and allow them to know themselves better, enhancing their inner focus.


Children will learn to take hits

Hits could be physically or emotionally. Whether it is physically or emotionally, if you get hit, it would be hard to get up especially if you are not trained. But the art of taekwondo will help children learn how to take hits and more importantly how to get back up when hit.


Gaining Self Control and Self Respect

A shy child may have a hard time developing his self confidence, competing with other kids and having a social life. Most of the time, he might just stay at home, alone in his room. But with taekwondo martial arts for kids, your child will gain self confidence by socializing with other kids and competing with the “bigger kids”. He will also learn respect for himself and for others. It will definitely help him a lot in facing the challenges of life.

There are more benefits of Taekwondo Kids and we will be tackling them all on the next article.

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You can also watch our video right here to know more about Martial Arts for Kids:

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