Best Taekwondo Classes Sydney at Dos Taekwondo

Tae kwon do is internationally known martial arts. There are lots of schools that offer training of taekwondo. Dos Taekwondo is one of them. Dos Taekwondo offers Best Taekwondo Classes Sydney. They have a modern facility that has a very spacious gym which is used for their taekwondo classes.

Dos Taekwondo was formed in the early 90’s by Sascha Ostermann. Dos taekwondo is open to all who are willing to learn the art of taekwondo, and we currently have students, both young and old, who are training and some are even competing in state, national and international sparring competition.

There are lots of people interested in learning taekwondo. And there are also lots of schools out there. So, why would you choose Dos Taekwondo against all other taekwondo clubs?

Here are multiple reasons for choosing DOS Best Taekwondo Classes Sydney

We are not an average club

  • Unlike most clubs, Dos Taekwondo gives individual attention to their students. This allows their students to progress at a faster rate towards their goals. And other than providing lessons and taekwondo techniques, we also make sure that every class and training programs are full of fun and enjoyment.
  • Dos Taekwondo offers free month training, free membership and free uniforms without any obligations of signing contracts or minimum payments. We are also a certified member of elite taekwondo organizations that are recognized internationally.
  • We are a proud member of KUKKIWON, which gives our black belt students the privilege to be internationally recognized automatically. And Kukkiwon is a great help as they share information with us which we use as an advantage to maximize the effectiveness of learning.


  • There are no age limits when enrolling at Dos Taekwondo, as long as you are dedicated to joining, you are already in.


  • Taekwondo is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family, and Dos Taekwondo promotes that. We have class programs that totally fit you and your family so you can come and train here as a family. Parents would be the motivation and inspiration of their children, and this will help them in their performance and development.


  • Dos taekwondo has a great and fun learning environment where everyone would enjoy. This is where you can practice your social skills for we let our students get to know each other and make friends! Also, the equipment is of quality and the surroundings are clean.

Come, join us at the Best Taekwondo Classes Sydney!

There are more reasons to join and learn the art of taekwondo and attend classes at Dos Taekwondo. Join us with your family and friends, enjoy the class programs and earn your ranks to be at the top. Best Taekwondo Classes Sydney will help you achieve your goals to be a champion and to be recognized internationally.

The Best Taekwondo Classes Sydney at Dos Taekwondo will never let you down. Quality service is guaranteed. If you want to know more about us, just visit us online. If you are planning on enrolling, here is the contact number: 1300 338 919.

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