DOS as the best taekwondo academy presents Serdar Guner

The best taekwondo academy, DOS taekwondo, presents you their amazing and excellent grand master, Serdar “Sam” Guner.

Like any other legends, Sam Guner has his own story. DOS taekwondo’s grand master was born on 1981 in Wollongong Australia. At the very young age of 9, he already started his Taekwondo training in Austria, where he was raised under Grand Master Sascha Osterman. At the age of 15, he was already able to reach his Black Belt. By 1998, Sam Guner already moved to Australia. Grand Master Serdar also joined State, National, and International levels of competition where he represented Austria at first, then represented Australia from 1998-2004. With Sam’s outstanding ability, dedication, focus and perseverance he rose through the ranks until he became one of the leading taekwondo champions in Australia.

In 2005, Master Guner found DOS taekwondo. His dojo is situated in the suburb of Caringbah, Southern part of Sydney. The ‘DOS’ dojo has a spacious training area and freshly refurbished gymnasium where students are trained by their personal trainers. By 2015, the Grand Master has already achieved his 7th Dan.

Serdar Guner’s — Education and Experiences

  • 1998 (Taekwondo Federation Turkey), Grand Master Guner contributed to the success of 2nd World Taekwondo Championships for Junior Division
  • On 1991, He was accredited as Level 1 Coach by National Coaching Accreditation Scheme. He also had his Kukkiwon Training this year at The World Taekwondo Academy Kukkiwon.
  • He still continued his kukkiwon training on the year 2000 at The World Taekwondo Academy Kukkiwon.
  • On 2006, He was recognized and given certificates, specifically certificate III and IV in fitness by the Australian Institute of Fitness. He was also given recognition at being sports aerobic and fitness gym instructor by the Federation Internationalle Des Sports Aerobics and Fitness. 2006 has really been a great year for Sam as he also became a Master Trainer of Fitness.
  • On 2011 he became a N3 Class Referee and a N Class Coach, honored by Oceania Taekwondo Union.
  • On 2013 he gained his Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, became Director of Australian Martial Arts Training College Pty Ltd and became a Kukkiwon Member.

Sam Guner, together with his taekwondo companions at DOS Best Taekwondo, committed themselves to provide a fun, exciting, safe and progressive environment. They promote in teaching the best of the best taekwondo.

Be like Sam Guner!

Sam Guner had been through a lot before reaching the top of the ladder. But still he managed to succeed. He is living proof that Dos Taekwondo is the best Taekwondo! Do you also want to be like him? Enroll now at Dos Taekwondo! Call 1300 338 919 now.

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