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Taekwondo is a form of self-defense that relies on technique.  Just like any other martial art, it includes different moves, stances, forms and thus require years of training before it can be mastered.  Having kicking as its main source of striking moves, footwork training is highly recommended to be able to master the art.

Bonnet Bay Taekwondo — Footwork Training as a Factor to Success

Footwork training is done in Taekwondo to improve many factors needed to become masters in the martial art and to become top competitors in the sport.  Through proper training, you get to improve attacking precision and speed which are highly needed to win a sparring competition.

Most taekwondo academies push their students to the limit by training muscles in terms of speed, strength and flexibility while increasing their endurance as well.  Basically, a good academy combines extensive fitness training with fighting skills that also include values and virtues to produce highly competitive and well rounded individuals.  Since Taekwondo trains students in terms of precision, it will help them become more versatile and effective on other styles of martial arts.

Aside from precision and speed that is gained in Taekwondo, becoming focused is also emphasized in their teachings.  Taekwondo is not all about sheer strength but is also about focusing and keeping a calm mind when performing the different moves. Learning different kinds of kicks and punches are only the physical attributes. By practicing the principles of taekwondo, students become overall martial artists both physically and mentally. When in sparring sessions, especially during competitions, practitioners of Taekwondo must deliver strikes surprisingly so that the opponent would not have the opportunity to have a counter attack.

Although there is no such thing as perfect technique in taekwondo, students should strive for better technique and a martial art mentality. With combining mental focus, a calm mind, precision, fitness, fast reactions and good defenses you become a master in Taekwondo. Having an attitude that is willing and eager to learn patiently is what taekwondo is all about. The art is a pinnacle of unarmed defense and is a practical martial art which can be applied to the real world, not only through physical defense situations but also through practicing the values and virtues of the art.

Bonnet Bay Taekwondo — as a Sydney Taekwondo Academy

Bonnet Bay Taekwondo – Dos Taekwondo is a Sydney Taekwondo academy that provides the training needed by practitioners to become masters of the art.  The school accepts students as young as the age of four and already provides the training which makes them better in the martial art. They guarantee you that they will teach you all the principles of exercise that you will remember for the rest of your life.  Through the help of their instructors, which are already masters of the art of Taekwondo, students and practitioners tend to become inclined in terms of precision, speed, focus, fitness, fast reactions and good defenses making them highly competitive in the international level of the sport.

Bonnet Bay Taekwondo can help you develop as a person. Not only that you can be physically strong, but also mentally strong. The instructors will guide you and help you to be the best person you can be.

Are you ready to learn more about this martial art? Enroll at Bonnet Bay Taekwondo now and watch yourself improve over the time. Give us a call at 1300 338 919 or visit us today!

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