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Taekwondo is a martial art and a sport that is practiced worldwide.  Many competitions are held regularly where practitioners who have mastered the art get together and outperform their opponents for specific rewards.  To be able to master Taekwondo, you must undergo years of extensive training and must rank up through the different color-coded belts until you reach the black belt.  Once you have become a black belt, you will still need to take more years of training before you can be considered a grandmaster of the martial art.

Different practitioners have different styles in performing the techniques of Taekwondo.  Many are trying to find the best way to step up their game and the best answer would be relaxation.

Como Taekwondo – Relaxation as Taekwondo’s Key to Success

In taekwondo, there are lots of different patterns to learn and mastering them is not easy. Relaxation is a major factor that determines your skill in Taekwondo.  No matter how much effort you give, if you are not calm and relaxed, you will not be able to perform the techniques of Taekwondo properly. When observed, the masters of Taekwondo keep their shoulders down and back while their arms loose when performing their kicks as if they don’t put any effort at all.  With enough training and exposure in the sport, white belters can also become relaxed black belters when they grow.

When getting ready for a fight, the fighter must be able to make clear judgment in their opponent without using their emotions. Through meditation and relaxation, the fighter is able to improve their overall performance in any tournaments.  If the artists are tensed while performing moves in Taekwondo, their muscles tend to become stiff.  This hinders them from completing moves and can also cause injuries in the long run.  Moreover, if they are tensed during sparring sessions, their kicks also become slower and weaker which gives an advantage to the opponent. Relaxation also helps deal with pain. The pain of strength training, the pain of being hit and all the pains that the practitioner will face through taekwondo or any other forms of martial arts.

To overcome nervousness and to stay relaxed during training or competitions, the artist needs to practice hard. The body needs to adjust and learn to be more coordinated and comfortable when performing moves especially kicks which can be done through proper training.  To be able to master the art as young as they can be, they always have to remind themselves to stay relaxed and calm.

The techniques of Taekwondo need a relaxed body to be able to perform properly.  Kicks must be done flowingly and should never look stiff and awkward.  Whenever the artists come across nervousness or if they feel tense, they should remember to drop their shoulders and breathe as it can help in keeping their mind and body relaxed.

Como taekwondo — as an academy

Como Taekwondo – Dos Taekwondo is a martial art academy in Sydney that has produced many masters in Taekwondo.  In their teachings, all students are given equal opportunities to improve being focused on by multiple instructors of a class.  Students tend to master the art faster and become more coordinated when performing the techniques of the art.

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Como Taekwondo — one thing to remember in Taekwondo

If there was one thing every Taekwondo fighter should know about Taekwondo, then that would be the kicking — easiest thing to do in Taekwondo. A person won’t be able to hit a good kick if he wasn’t relaxed at all. Free your mind from thoughts of the outside of the world. Leave the past and future behind and focus on the present. That’s it. Como Taekwondo is here to guide you on how to relax and meditate before the fight.

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