Taekwondo is known as a self-defense practice that is thought to be a serious and boring one. But that is entirely true. Yes, taekwondo is famous for being a self-defense martial art, but it is definitely educational and fun not boring. It is even more fun if you started it earlier and enroll you or your child at DOS Taekwondo, where the best of the best taekwondo. We offer taekwondo for all ages, young or old, and to prove to you how fun it is, we created a unique class programs for all ages.

Here are our DOS Taekwondo Programs for Kids

Mini Ninjas

  • This class program for 4-6 years old is perfect for your kiddies. Lots will be taught to them through creative learning. Improvement will be noticeable after their training. As they grow older and reach the next stage of being a kid, they will carry the knowledge and skill they have learned and can use it. The class program lessons include the basics of taekwondo and enhancement of certain skills like coordination, balance, team work, and more. As a kid, they will also be taught discipline and good manners. Teaching them this as early as possible would result to a better future.

Little Dragons

  • As your child is growing more mature, they are beginning to be more aware about the environment around them. And so, they develop confidence. For some though, they lack self-confidence which causes social problems when they grow older. But it still is not too late, enroll your child in DOS Taekwondo where they will have a boost in their confidence, and learn how to handle more mature problems.

Junior Tigers

  • The beginning and middle of teenage is quite challenging for children. More trials are faced and if your child is frail, then it could result to failure. Prevent this from happening by enrolling you child at DOS Taekwondo where he/she will be taught persistence, goal setting, social participation and many more.

Advanced Eagles

  • Your child is now entering the world of young adults. They should be prepared to be competent as they enter the world of adulthood. This is their chance to choose their career for their life. They are taught the importance of goal setting, task completion, acknowledgement of achievement, resisting bad peer pressure and many more.

DOS Taekwondo — it is your time to shine!

Now that you have known the programs and ideas, are you considering of enrolling now? Enrolling in Dos Taekwondo will never be a waste. Dos Taekwondo is one of the best schools in town! Call us now at 1300 338 919 or visit us online today.

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