Dos Taekwondo do not just celebrate championship tournaments but we also ensure that we celebrate one of your most special days, your birthday! We want to make your birthday memorable and fun with your classmates and taekwondo masters by giving you birthday party ideas !

Our taekwondo birthday party includes exciting games such as breaking wooden boards.

Here are some taekwondo birthday party ideas that you can choose from:

  • A cake with your taekwondo picture on top. Look for your taekwondo picture, we’ll scan it and put it on top of your cake. Surely, we’ll make the best martial arts cake.
  • For a fun party, we’ll give a friendly show or movie about martial arts such as Kung Fu Panda, Karate Kid, etc.
  • A birthday party is more exciting by putting up a piñata. The celebrant or anyone can break the piñata with a spinning hook.
  • For parents tips and tricks for the party, here are some reminders:
    • Parents or other parents can help out
    • Prepare lots of paper towels
    • Ask someone to greet the guests at the front door
    • Some kids may have food allergies, so don’t forget to bring some food alternatives.
    • Our masters is in charge of the games but parents can take charge in serving the foods.
  • Don’t forget to take pictures or record a  video
  • Your child’s birthday party at Dos Taekwondo can be more exciting with the following martial arts party goods:
    • Martial Arts Rubber Duckies
    • Lego martial arts figure
    • Lego ninjas
    • Taekwondo patches
    • Taekwondo posters
    • Kung Fu Panda toys
  • You can also make the party more exciting by using martial arts-themed adventure. Kids will be delighted with the taekwondo arts balloons, goody bags, etc.

Dos Taekwondo birthday party is definitely the best place to celebrate a birthday party. We’ll surely make your day special and encourage you more to excel in Taekwondo and in every aspect of your life.

Taekwondo Birthday Party Ideas— are you ready?

Are you ready to throw a taekwondo-themed birthday party to your child? The Dos Taekwondo is perfect for you! We have perfect birthday party ideas only for you. You can also make a request or add more surprises. Just give us a call at 1300 338 919. We can make it one of the best birthday parties of your child!

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