What do you know about Boxing Programs?

You’ve finally decided to go to a gym and enroll in Boxing Programs but being the first-timer that you are, you do not know what to expect. That’s normal, even if you search for videos and ask friends what to expect when you enroll, you can never have enough imagination. Boxing is a great sport, it is great when you want a whole body workout or you’re looking for a workout that could strengthen your body.

Boxing Programs vary from every gym you enroll into as well as the training that you will have. Getting a heads up with what you are getting yourself into is a wise thing to do. Before you ever expect anything, you might need this small advice, don’t walk into a boxing club or gym until you are ready.  To help you get ready, consider the following:

Some Tips When Enrolling In Boxing Programs

No fighting in day one

When you first enter the class, do not expect that you will fight right away. You need to learn the basics first. It will usually take a few weeks or even months before the coach will put you in the ring to spar or fight.  Your coach will watch you develop ever training and won’t put you in that situation until you can actually defend yourself. So if a coach or trainer puts you in the ring your first day, do not do as they say but rather you should walk out of the club and never go back.  So stop worrying that you’ll get beat up on your first day.

They will teach you to wrap your hands

You can learn to wrap your hands at home but ask your trainer to help you with it the first time you take a lesson. You can never perfect it without the help of a professional even if many will say that wrapping your hand is one of the most basic things to learn. Do not worry about wasting others’ time just because you need help in wrapping your hand. You just want to protect your hand properly and that should be very understanding when it’s your first time.

Do some research at home

Doing some research at home means that you need to learn some basics at home before you enroll. You don’t have to be perfect at it, but a coach or trainer will have more time for you if you show them you’ve done some research ahead of time. Learning the basics will give you a lot more confidence to walk into your boxing class.  Just don’t go in pretending like you know everything no matter how confident you are, do not forget, you’re there to learn.

Are you ready to join Boxing Programs?

Now that you just read some tips, are you ready? Become a part of the club now. With Dos Taekwondo, you will meet great trainers and instructors who will surely help you achieve your goal. Learn from the experts!

As mentioned earlier, Boxing Programs differ from every gym you enroll in but if you want to come prepared it is always best to look for some tips and advice. For great Boxing Programs, you can always enroll in DOS Taekwondo. Visit us online today or contact us at 1300 338 919!

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