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Indifference is a negative thought. It is no better than doing something wrong. Integrity is about choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain. It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Honesty is a part of it and that it must be one to live by when learning Taekwondo. Having integrity means doing the right thing even if nobody is looking. This means if you have integrity, you are keeping all your pomises. In martial arts, this means having integrity is being a person of honor. The Grand Master Taekwondo Sydney has some stuff to teach about integrity.

In Taekwondo, knowing what is right and wrong is a necessity. Sam Guner says, “If taekwondo is all about self-defense, then one who learns it must have the sense to distinguish when to use it and when it is not appropriate”. Sam always tells this to his students that they should not use the skills that they gain from taekwondo to just inflict harm to someone who they want to have their revenge to. That is even before they have started to learn this, anger was taken away from them. Sam makes sure that they have a clean intention when they step in his class.

Grand Master Taekwondo — Integrity by Sam Guner

Integrity is also about feeling conscience and guilt when cheating was done during the training and also outside the class. “Sometimes, my students do only 15 pushups when I tell them to do 20. But I don’t mind because I know that I have taught them well”, Sam says. Sam knows when a student is cheating but he does not tell that to their faces. He just lets it pass. He does this because he knows that at the end of the session, his student will feel the conscience that was taught to him. The Grand Master Taekwondo Sydney does not let his student get embarrassed so he does not scold them in front of their fellow students. He just ensures that what he teaches them really sink in.

Grand Master Taekwondo — honesty

Part of integrity is to be honest and sincere. If one has done wrong, a student must be honest to admit that he was wrong and that he is sincere to have an apology. “If something has gone wrong and I feel like it was a student’s fault, I never ask them to admit it in front of their classmates but to approach me in a secretive way and there I can do the corrective actions that should be made”, the grand master taekwondo Sydney says. In this way of approaching problems, a student will develop integrity in a way that he can admit his fault and at the same time secured that nobody else knows it except the ones that should know it.

Being upright is also entailed with integrity. “We can never avoid that some students do not do well outside the class and sometimes they even call for some of their classmates to do the same. It is always crucial to keep telling them to have the sense of being upright”, Sam says. Being upright is not just about leading the right way to your fellow classmates but also to not follow them when you feel what they are doing is wrong. If you think it is not the right way, then don’t go. Sam takes every chance to tell them to still have integrity even outside the class.

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The Grand Master Taekwondo Sydney thinks that integrity must be well-known to his students not only because they have to know it but also it is a need that must be there always as they take another kick in their lives.

Of course, it doesn’t just revolve around integrity. Sam Guner has a lot to tell. There are a lot of good values that you can learn in Grand Master Taekwondo Sydney. Everything else will be learnt by the time you enroll in Dos Taekwondo. Instructors are all great at instilling values to their students. So, grab your phone now and call us at 1300 338 919.

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