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Sometimes we fall down but we rise up. We stand on our feet and continue to fight. We get to be beaten tired and exhausted. The point is to never give up. We have to keep going because anything is possible. At this moment, we know how the best taekwondo master Sydney teaches self-control. Now, we look at how Perseverance by The Best Grand Master Taekwondo Sydney can be acquired too.

Perseverance is the act of having persistence in any difficult situations one is experiencing. “Some of my students, beginners, find it difficult to do some of the high kicks in taekwondo but they keep practicing and eventually, they nail it”, Sam Guner says. There are certain techniques in taekwondo that are really difficult to learn. It would take intensive practice to execute it perfectly and flawless. Sam sees that with his students whenever he tries to teach a move. And what he does is not that very surprising. The best Grand Master Taekwondo Sydney gives his students a little push to be able to do it. “Some of them are willing to learn and perfect it, some on the other hand lack initiative but one and the same, I equally give them the encouragement to perfect it”, Sam says. He pushes but no to the limit. He convinces them but not forcing them.

“There is nothing to it actually if you are willing to learn”, Sam says. Sometimes, the students keep on practicing a certain technique. Whenever they fail, they keep on doing it again. And if it is not a success for the second time, they do it again. Perseverance by The best Grand Master Taekwondo Sydney tells them to shake it off and try again. After quite some time of practice with patience and perseverance, they perfectly execute the technique.

In such situations, the perseverance that Sam teaches his students applies not only to his students but to him as well. The best Grand Master Taekwondo Sydney says, “Whether a student is willing or not willing to learn, I will be willing to teach”. Sam has perseverance in teaching. He can slow down for students in order for them to keep up. At the same time, he can adjust for students who are fast learning in order for him to keep up. He has patience in teaching that even if the student feels like giving up and thinks that there is no hope anymore; Sam keeps on giving encouraging words and thoughts for them to keep going. A student may not have initiative but he has initiative to teach and that he sees to it that his students are really learning. “In any way, I do believe that if you have patience and perseverance, you are likely to attain success”, the best Grand Master Taekwondo Sydney says.

Grand Master Taekwondo — It only takes perseverance

Perseverance is dedication in doing something despite difficulty in achieving success. It is the act of always motivated to push and do your best. You do not let anything or anyone get in your way of reaching such objectives. It involves trying different ways in reaching your goal.  Perseverance is having that “can do” and “will do” attitude. There comes a point that we feel like we are falling off a cliff. We say that it is the end of everything and we think that it is time to give up hope. We may think that falling over and trying to get up makes you look stupid. The best taekwondo master Sydney says otherwise. If you persevere, you will get that sweet sound of success at the end of the day; these are some words of Perseverance by the best Grand Master Taekwondo Sydney.

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