You may have heard things about some inaccurate information about Kickboxing North Sydney that made you NOT to want to learn it maybe because it is a dangerous sport or maybe because it is a little too violent. But these things that you here may just be myths. As the leading Taekwondo academy and Kickboxing North Sydney, DOS Taekwondo is going to clear these myths and give you correct information about Kickboxing North Sydney.

Here are 5 Myths about Kickboxing North Sydney

Kickboxing is NOT EASY to learn

  • Like the other types of martial arts, most people think that kickboxing is difficult to learn. If you have no experience with any sports activities, you may find it extremely difficult to be successful in kickboxing but that doesn’t mean that learning it is impossible.
  • Even if you are a beginner, you can learn kickboxing with hard work and you can be good at it. Kickboxing focuses on what is essential and what is practical that can be applied in real life.
  • Kickboxing also helps you boost your confidence, fitness, and mental strength.

Kickboxing is Dangerous

  • One common misconception that people think about contact sports is that they’re dangerous. It is true that it is a contact sport and accidents may happen, but with the right environment and proper training, kickboxing can be as safe as other active sports like running, football, and other sports.
  • Also, since kickboxing Sydney has been recognized widely as a sport, the training standards have heightened up and increased. If you want to enroll, most schools offer programs that teach kickboxing as a fitness program.

Kickboxing was Banned

  • There was a myth that said Kickboxing was banned on several states of the US, but actually, the only state that has banned kickboxing is New York.

Kickboxing is too Violent

  • Kickboxing is a combination of different martial arts including jiu-jitsu, judo, taekwondo and other. But with these, it also combines the different disciplines that the other kickboxing instills. Also, most schools offer kickboxing for women for self-defense. Self-defense is definitely far from violence. Without learning the art of kickboxing, you wouldn’t know how to protect yourself.

Kickboxing is not a Professional Sport

  • Kickboxing is a well-known and popular sport and is practiced by many people around the globe. It has been recognized and is also taught in several fitness schools. IF this does not make it professional then there are also organizations that are built for kickboxing trainers.

Train with the best Kickboxing North Sydney!

Kickboxing North Sydney will not be standing until today if those myths were true. But as you see, Dos Taekwondo has improved over time. It is recognized as one of the best taekwondo academies now. Why don’t you enroll now and prove that the said myths were not true at all? Dos Taekwondo is a fun environment full of positive thinkers. Be one of the members!

Kickboxing North Sydney is a great and professional sport, good for fitness training and self-defense. If you want to know more about kickboxing Sydney, contact us at 1300 338 919.

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