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Taekwondo is not just about kicks and punches, we all know that. It could be tricky at times, but it is manageable.  Kids Martial Arts Dos Taekwondo saw that kids can also be skilled and capable of doing martial arts which led them to open the club for all ages. In line with that, the club realized that it is better to start learning taekwondo at an early age.

DOS Taekwondo is the best place to learn taekwondo and martial arts. We provide the best classes for kids martial arts taught by well-trained and knowledgeable instructors. You may think that the martial arts classes are just like ordinary classes, but it is actually more complicated than that. Although we also create lesson plans, it is quite different than lesson plans for academic classes. We provide fun and enjoyable lessons for different levels and ages; adults and Kids Martial Arts. In our classes, your child will sure be able to have a lot of interactions with other students and have great and fun activities. Of course, all activities as well the as the training ground are safe for the students.

This time on DOS Taekwondo, we are going to share a few activities that are included in our lesson plan for you to be aware about the activities done by your child in our classes. As a leading taekwondo and kids martial arts academy, DOS Taekwondo wants the parents of our students to be aware about the activities their children do in our academy. With their awareness, they will learn trust the academy and our instructors.

Here’s DOS Taekwondo’s Kids Martial Arts activities


  • Warm-ups are fun and exciting introductory activity that will prepare the students for more activities. Kids love fun activities and this is the perfect one to set them in the mood for the taekwondo learning and training. Warm ups also help the students condition their bodies for the upcoming exercises.


  • The basics are the first exercises. Your children will be taught the basics of taekwondo and martial arts here at Kids Martial Arts. This basics will be good for them as they are just starting to learn with taekwondo and martial arts. When they already mastered the basics they will be trained to perform more complicated exercises and taekwondo training.


  • As they learn the basics of taekwondo, they will also be taught the forms of taekwondo. The different forms of kids martial arts will help them master the techniques of taekwondo which is great for both self-defense and competitions.

Sparring Drills

  • After being taught with the basics and forms of taekwondo, they will be prepared to face opponents by having sparring drills with other students. Of course, they will be protected with safety gears and will be monitored and supervised.


  • After the drills, they will have a time to chat and ponder about what they have learned. This will also be the time to tackle the philosophies of taekwondo and all other intangible benefits and lessons of kids martial arts taekwondo. For example, the benefit of their past activities will be discussed in this area.

Fun Drill

  • As the class ends, the perfect ending for this is with fun drills. The fun drills will serve as their time to relax and have a few more good practice sessions. This will help them remember their past activities.

With our great lessons here at DOS Taekwondo, your child will surely learn a lot while having fun with the activities. The best Kids Martial Arts academy is DOS Taekwondo!

If you want to know more Activities of DOS Taekwondo, watch our video here:

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