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Taekwondo is a martial art and a sport that is open to all ages. Almost all martial art academies offer lessons to children as young as the age of three and even to elders that are willing and capable to join. Other than sporting and self-defense aspect to Taekwondo, exercise gets from training martial arts improves balance, flexibillity, stamina, strength and posture. When a practitioner starts young, he or she grows up to be a physically inclined individual instilled with values and virtues that the art has to teach. As for the elders, they get to maintain their health with fun activities.

Kirrawee Taekwondo – Taekwondo as an exercise

When a person reaches his 50s, the tendency is that their body gets weak and muscles seem to diminish due to aging.  Without proper care for the health and the body, it will be more likely that you wouldn’t be able to walk and do physical activities at an early age.  This is why it is recommended for people to undertake regular exercises and one good way is through joining Taekwondo classes. Taekwondo classes is not just about improving flexibility but also your strength. Since it is focused on strengthening the lower body, upper body, arms and core area it is great form of exercise for everyone. With the help of martial arts, people, especially the elders, get to stay strong and fit no matter how old they get.

There are many practitioners who have reached the age of seventy and still continue their training.  As a form of exercise, the elder students, teachers or even masters maintain their physical capabilities.  Balance is one thing that degrades as we get older making it hard for us to walk.  In Taekwondo, our balance is practiced and enhanced in every session through the stances, forms and, movements involved.  This helps in keeping us strong and be able to run or walk as we get older.

Exercise is important for every individual. Unlike any other forms of physical activity, martial arts also have an element that improves the mind’s focus and also helps provide confidence and self-control. Getting to train in Taekwondo ensures that the body is exercised regularly. Endurance, speed, flexibility, strength are just some of the traits a student improves in and aside from physical activities, students are also trained mentally which is very beneficial in many ways.

As people get old, they would want to prevent injuries which can be done through martial arts, since through extensive training, your body gets to stay strong. However, it is important to know that not all martial arts programs will give you this kinds of benefits. That is why Taekwondo has become one of the most popular martial arts for both children and adult martial arts enthusiasts. But even if Taekwondo can bring many benefits, you should still know your limitations. Take a break once in a while and make sure that you take precaution when joining a class and don’t overdo it.

Kirrawee Taekwondo — classes for the elders

Who said taekwondo is only for younger people? Elders can still have the class and training whenever they want to. Kirrawee Taekwondo has the best trainers in the world who can handle elders. Need not worry now for Kirrawee Taekwondo can make you comfortable around.

Kirrawee Taekwondo – Dos Taekwondo is a martial art academy in Sydney that also provides classes for the elderly. With training from their school, you will get to stay strong and maintain your physical capabilities as you get older.

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