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Enrolling in Taekwondo is a great opportunity to learn and develop skills that can aid you in self defense.  As you progress in the art, you learn new techniques and will gradually improve on it.  But before you begin your training and move up the ranks, you must first acquire proper gear and one of those would be your uniform.

Liverpool Taekwondo – The Dobok

In joining any martial art, a uniform is always needed as you participate in classes or join competitions.  In Taekwondo, they call this the Dobok.  The word originated from two Korean terms -“Do” meaning “way” and “Bok” meaning clothing.  When translated, Dobok means “The way of clothing”.

The Dobok is a traditional clothing that resembles the uniforms of other martial arts such as Karate and Judo.  In fact, the “Gi”, or the uniform of Judo, is where most martial arts based theirs on.  The start of using such garments dates back to the earlier times when Kano Jigoro implemented the attire.  It was also that time when distinctive colors were used to distinguish the levels and skills of students.

The taekwondo uniforms are usually plain, white, v-neck heavy cotton top with pants that have an elastic waist. The top and bottom are both comfortable and allows a lot of movement that is necessary in practicing taekwondo. Moreover, it serves a few purposes. First, it doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from, since everyone is wearing the same clothing. The only thing that makes a practitoner unique is the color of the belts.

The uniform of Taekwondo includes three pieces of clothing – the upper garment with wide sleeves, the long wide pants, and the colored belt to tie them together.  There are two types of Dobok that can be seen today.  The first and most common is the all-white attire which is mostly worn by students that have colored belts to determine their ranks.  There is also the black colored one or white upper garments that have black trimmings on the collar which are used by most black belters.

Liverpool Taekwondo — The Importance of The Dobok

The Dobok, as a uniform, must always be worn during practices, tournaments, and sparring sessions.  The main reason why it is worn is to promote the tradition of Taekwondo as it was passed to us today.  When a student wears his uniform, he stands with pride and dignity and is reminded of the core values and tenets of Taekwondo.  Aside from its meaning and value, it is also practical and healthy to use as it is comfortable and light.

Liverpool Taekwondo – Dos Taekwondo offers a free set of uniform when you enroll in their classes that come along with a free month of training and membership.  If you are interested in joining or finding a good productive activity for your children, the academy can provide a free trial and can make you see whether you would want to push through in making your children pursue the martial art.

Wear your Dobok uniform with pride as it depicts a lot about the culture of the martial art. Liverpool Taekwondo will guide you on how to wear it. Enroll now at Liverpool and be part of the academy! Call 1300 338 919 today!

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