Who is Martial Arts Canberra — Dos Taekwondo?

Dos Taekwondo is a Martial Arts Canberra club that has been operating for 9 years now. It was established in 2005 and it has continued to grow and succeed until to date. It was founded by Serdar “Sam” Guner, the taekwondo grandmaster. The leading martial arts school Dos taekwondo is composed by both kids and adults who are training to compete in national and internatinal competitions.

We are famous for producing the best martial artists in Australia. We take pride in our world-class trainers and professors. We also offer the most convenient environment and facilities in bringing out the potential of all our students to succeed in Taekwondo. Our goal is to inspire more students about taekwondo and its positive effects on an individual, both physically and mentally.

Grand Master Serdar “Sam” Guner established Dos Taekwondo in 2005 to promote Martial Arts Canberra.  As a passionate, committed and dedicated person, he wanted to develop the potential of every child who shares the same interest with him. Serdar and his team make a perfect Taekwondo club purposely for imparting lifetime lesson on martial arts.

With our Martial Arts Canberra lessons, we want all our students to succeed and develop on the following areas:

  • The students to enhance their admiration for Taekwondo not just as a sport but as an art as well.
  • Build physical, emotional, psychological and mental discipline
  • Make taekwondo as a great sport and learn life time self-defense skills
  • Be a responsible person who is thoughtful and caring towards oneself and others.

Finally, for those who are interested to take part in the Sydney Martial Arts here are some tips and hints for you:

  • You need a good coach to become successful. In Dos Taekwondo, we have the best coaches with track records that you can rely upon. They will not just teach you skills but they are always ready to encourage and motivate you to excel not only in Martial arts but overall life as well!
  • Find and connect yourself with a great team who are willing to accept and join you in times of your success and failure.
  • During tough times, look up to your masters or teachers. Surely, they are always there to comfort and motivate you to keep on going.

Dos Taekwondo is determined to bring Martial Arts Canberra to a higher level. We envision to be the club where everry student enjoys while learning the valuable life lessons only taekwondo can offer. We want our students to step up and be known worldwide.  We believe that each of us is meant for success and we wanted to help our students find their purpose either in sports or other related fields.

Martial Arts Canberra is here to help!

Haven’t you done Martial Arts before but want to try taekwondo? Wipe your worries away because Martial Arts Canberra — Dos taekwondo is here to help you start! The management will train you until you are ready to spread your wings and fly. Contact us at 1300 338 919 for inquiries. Be like Sam Guner!

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