You are looking for a new hobby, and found out about taekwondo master martial arts. So, you decided to have it as your new sport. But before you start kicking and punching, don’t you want to know what it is and its basics first?

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that combines combat and self-defense techniques with exercise and sport. Taekwondo has been developed by a variety of Korean master martial arts during 1940’s and 1950’s, and it has been recognized as an Olympic event since 2000. It is characterized by head-height kicks, jumping, spinning and fast kicking techniques.

Dos Taekwondo Sydney, Master Martial Arts is one of the well-known taekwondo schools in Sydney. It offers classes with lessons including basics and advance techniques such as the perfect balance of safety, discipline, fitness and fun.

Many beginners worry about the belt rankings, which should never be an issue since each of the belt ranks will be earned one at a time as you progress in the practice of taekwondo. You should not also worry about being higher in rankings or lower as you get a belt rank that recognizes and suits your capability. Working hard on learning the basics is the best way to earn a higher belt ranking. The Basic skills are very important ingredients of becoming a master of taekwondo.

 These are some of the fundamental skills to learn to Master Martial Arts in Dos Taekwondo

  • Base

Your stance or base is the first and foremost basic skill of taekwondo. Your stance is your base on the ground; it is where you connect with the earth. Dos Taekwondo helps students to improve their connection with their base, and make their stance more solid and stronger; this helps them have a more stable base.

  • Block

This move is used for defense or protection. It is a technique where you stop or prevent an attack, usually punch or kick, from hitting you. A person with an improved skill of blocking is alert, fast and strong. Dos Taekwondo teaches more advanced type of blocking that could effectively be used to block stronger attacks.

  • Strikes

The coordination and combination of arm and foot is a great factor that affects the effectiveness of a taekwondo student. It helps you to attack an enemy whether it is close or mid-range. You have to learn to control and combine both your arm and foot to be able to land a strike to an opponent.

Dos Taekwondo motivates children to enroll and learn taekwondo. They will have a lot of benefits from it and it will surely be fun. Learn Taekwondo, Improve the basics and be the Master Martial Arts.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to be a part of us? Worry no more cause Dos Taekwondo takes good care of its students especially beginners. This is your chance to be confident of yourself, call 1300 338 919 now!


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