DOS taekwondo background

DOS Taekwondo started operating on 2005 at Australia. It was originally formed by a Taekwondo and Martial Arts Grand Master Sascha Ostermann. Grand Master Sascha passed his knowledge and mastery of taekwondo and martial arts to his pupil and the current Grand Master of DOS Taekwondo Australia, Serdar Guner. Serdar “Sam” Guner has achieved a lot of recognition internationally and has been known as a Masters of Martial Arts Sydney and Taekwondo. He now run DOS Taekwondo and promotes a fun, safe, progressive and exciting training environment for all aspiring Taekwondo and Martial Arts Master.

DOS Taekwondo gives the students equal opportunities and they focus on each individual’s progress. The main goal is to achieve the short and long term goals of the students at the most efficient way possible. The students are motivated and inspired to reach the level of achievement that they pursue. They are also given space for them to decide the exact level of skill and ability they desire to attain. DOS offers taekwondo and martial arts classes for kids. We provide safe and fun classes for young-aged children who want to achieve mastery of Taekwondo at an earlier age.

Taekwondo is a great help for the improvement of a child. It helps develop a child’s basic skills and even greatly improve his self discipline.

Taekwondo teaches a lot more than fighting. Practice of Taekwondo and martial arts also enhances a person’s confidence, helping those who have social problems to gain more friends and improve their social and communication skills.

Here’s What you Need to Know About DOS Taekwondo’s Masters of Martial Arts Sydney Classes

Taekwondo Sydney also offers classes for adults. Anyone interested in learning the art of taekwondo is welcome. With guaranteed safety and fun environment, even the seniors will sure enjoy their taekwondo training at DOS. Taekwondo greatly affects the physical development of a person, reducing the vulnerability of a person to sicknesses such as Cardio Vascular Diseases.

With the right knowledge and guidance, a person will totally achieve his maximum potential together with the positive reinforcements of learning the art of Taekwondo. DOS Taekwondo is the place to find masters of martial arts that will teach you everything you need to know regarding taekwondo. From basic to advance lessons, DOS taekwondo’s masters will also teach you life skills that you can use in your daily living.

Be Masters of Martial Arts!

I know you are eager to become a part of us. Dos Taekwondo will never let  you down since it has got Masters of Martial Arts Sydney. You got to try enrolling for you to know what it feels like to be trained by the masters of the masters.

Be a part of DOS Taekwondo’s team now and be the next Masters of Martial Arts Sydney. For more information, visit us online or contact us now at 1300 338 919!

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