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Many traditional martial arts have a set of underlying principles and philosophy that guides the practitioner’s behavior and progress.  Martial arts today have branched out into many forms wherein one of it originated from Korea and is known as Taekwondo. This type of martial art combines combat and self-defense, and in fact, nowadays considered to be a means of exercise and a sport. Taekwondo eventually became a part of the Olympic Games in the year 2000 due to its popular demand and the exceptional skills that are seen in the sport.

Oyster Bay Taekwondo – Mastering the Techniques of Taekwondo

Taekwondo has a wide range of skills and techniques which are: Stances, Hand attacks, Kicks, Blocks, Poomsae, Self defense, and Breaking.

In terms of the stances, there are about 8 types namely: the Attention stance, Closed stance, Walking Stance, Back L-Stance, Parallel Stance, Rear Foot Stance, Sitting Stance, and the Fighting Stance. The usage of these depends and varies upon the situation and the event that the Taekwondo practitioner is into.

When hand attacks are being done in taekwondo, it is alternative with the use of the kicks at a close distance to the opponent. This type of technique is performed in fast combinations that do not enable the other to counter-attack. The closed hand and open hand techniques are two of its variations.

The different types of kicks may be considered as the strongest tool in order to attack the opponent. Kicks may vary from: jump kicks, spin kicks, multi-rotational spin kicks, or jump spin kicks. When combined, it can be the strongest weapon in order to win since it wouldn’t allow the opponent to have time to think and come up of a way to fight back.

Blocks, on the other hand, are used to stop and shield the body from any incoming attacks. This is done with the use of the hand and the arm positioned into different forms. It is also effectively used with alternating it with punches and kicks to your opponents so as to protect yourself while having the chance to attack.

Poomsae is one of the most important techniques in Taekwondo that is usually done in competitions regarding the sport. It is composed of series of movement patterns that are divided into basic and advance.

It is very evident that the main purpose of Taekwondo is for self-defense. It is built from a lot of basic hand techniques to both block an opponents attack and also deliver a counter strike. In this technique, the practitioners of the sport are able to come up with different routines and choreography in order to defend themselves from incoming attacks.

Finally, the breaking technique is about combining power and speed to destroy objects like wood, no matter how thick it may be. But of course the thickness of the object to be broken varies between the ability of the practitioner; the higher the rank is, the thicker the object will be. Furthermore, it has two main categories: power breaking and speed breaking.

Every Taekwondo class usually starts with practicing the basic techniques.  Remember that it is important to warm up and stretch before engaging in taekwondo training programs.

Oyster Bay Taekwondo — speed and power

Speed and power are the most important factors in Taekwondo. They could also be the tricky parts, but don’t let that intimidate you. The trainers in Oyster Bay Taekwondo can help you master the speed and power. They are dedicated to helping the trainees, hence, they are one of the best trainers that you might encounter.

Oyster Bay Taekwondo – Dos Taekwondo has mastered the different techniques, moves, stances, and forms there are in the martial art.  If you wish to become a great practitioner, then learning from them is the best place to start. Call us now! 1300 338 919

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