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Taekwondo as a lot of people know is a good exercise and it is not only restricted for the younger generation. In fact, this martial art is also advisable to be practiced by whatever age group a person might belong to. Meaning, there is no age limit when it comes to getting involved in one of the most popular sports today, which is Taekwondo.

Sutherland Taekwondo | Taekwondo As Exercise for the Elders

Adults today are fund of getting into shape because they believe that it will make their bones stronger, their bodies healthier, and therefore make them live longer.

Starting out in training Taekwondo for adults in the older age group may be different from engaging on the art at an early age. One of the reasons for this is that the bodies of those who belong here are less flexible than they had when they were younger. But this doesn’t mean that adults would not enjoy and not get any benefits from training in this art because actually they will gain a lot from Taekwondo.

In order for adult beginners to fully appreciate Taekwondo, here are few tips and reminders that would help them in their training:

First reminder is to always stretch, before and after each training session. Adults as mentioned earlier have less flexible bones and bodies that’s why it is important for them to stretch. This would help their bodies not to be strained fast and instead make it easier for them to adapt the movement to be taught.

Next is to talk to your master and ask for advice. It doesn’t matter if you are older than them; if you need help with each lesson they teach, you have to talk to them and ask for assistance.

Another is to see a doctor because training in Taekwondo might be too intense and you have to make sure that your body can really handle all the training.

Take a break, always remember this. Do not let your body suffer rest if you have to and drink water in order to rehydrate. Do not rush back take time to relax, especially when you injure yourself.

One important thing to do when starting out in Taekwondo is to lose some weight since it will help you to easily adjust to the course of training in Taekwondo. But you do not have to lose as much, just the right amount so that it will be easy for you to move.

Practice regularly, even if you are not in class you have to refresh your mind on the lessons taught in the previous trainings.

And lastly, have fun! Enjoy your training!

Sutherland Taekwondo – Dos Taekwondo offers classes open to people of all ages.  It may seem that most students may be children, but the school also has students over the age of fifty keeping them fit and strong.

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