When you teach martial arts to kids, you are teaching them self-defense techniques. But learning self-defense doesn’t always mean that protecting one’s self will lead to fighting and violence. That’s a common misconception about martial arts. At Sydney Kids Martial Arts, kids are taught more than just fighting and violence. We teach them the values and disciplines that they can learn through the practice of martial arts Taekwondo.

DOS Baulkham Hills Martial Arts is a newly opened branch of the DOS Taekwondo Academy that offers after-school programs including taekwondo classes.

When you first hear about self-defense, what comes to your mind first are the fighting techniques used to protect ourselves. But there is more to the martial arts self-defense than that. Sydney Kids Martial Arts is going to give you the different ways on how martial arts taekwondo can help you fight bullying without violence.

Here’s Sydney Kids Martial Arts’ Ways to Fight Bullying without Violence

Self Control

  • When you train martial arts, you will learn the art of self-control. Self Control is the ability to control your emotions and behavior. When getting bullied, fights always start with one person losing his temper. But if you have self-control, you will know how to avoid and ignore the bullies. Sometimes, bullies only seek attention, and if you show them that you are not affected by them, then they will be the one to stay away.


  • When you are disciplined, instead of falling into the bully’s trap, you would know the right thing to do. Instead of fighting, it would be better to tell adults; teachers or parents, about the bullying. If you know what is right, you wouldn’t be afraid, to tell the truth.

Fast Thinking and Action

  • One of the great things that Baulkham Hills Martial Arts training improves is the ability to think fast and respond quickly. If you are being bullied, you will be able to easily analyze the situation and how it may end up. You can use your fast thinking skills to find a way out of a dangerous situation. Remember that running is not being coward, it just means that you are mature enough to avoid stupid fights.

Improve Physical Build

  • Most of the type of kids that are bullied are the ones who look weak, thin and out of shape. The martial arts training will help you improve your physical build and fitness. If you have a good shape, the bullies will avoid bullying you. This will also help you gain more confidence and protect your friends from the bullies.

Let the Dos Taekwondo Sydney Martial Kids Martial Arts help you.

There you go, you now have an idea how Dos Taekwondo takes place in virtues and good values. A person just has to master that. Dos Taekwondo Sydney Kids Martial Arts is the best school for beginners. Let us help you shape into someone you have always been wanting.

Enroll now at Baulkham Hills Martial Arts and learn the arts of Sydney Kids Martial Arts. For more information, contact us at 1300 338 919!

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