Starting Taekwondo at an early age gives a lot of advantages. DOS Taekwondo offers taekwondo class programs for children at a very young age starting at the age of 4. This will help children gain and achieve high rank as they grow up. Not only that, they will also be able to learn taekwondo techniques early and they can master it more quickly. There are also lots of other benefits children will get from learning the art of taekwondo. Sydney Taekwondo for Kids is really a great sport and practice for children.

Here are other benefits of Sydney Taekwondo for Kids:


Concentration, Discipline and Values

  • At a young age, when you enroll your child at DOS Taekwondo, they will be able to improve their concentration skills and self-discipline. The art of taekwondo teaches and improves the ability to focus. So as soon as your child enters a taekwondo school, he/she will be able to concentrate more on things he is doing and as he grow up, this improves. This goes also regarding discipline. Children nowadays grow without respect and discipline. Let your child learn respect, patience, perseverance and other virtues through Taekwondo.


  • When children enter the stage of teenage, they also enter the stage of being shy. And this results to being along and having no friends. But you can prevent that from happening. The best way to prevent this is to enroll them at DOS Taekwondo where they will learn how to be confident and they will also gain friends from their taekwondo classmates as they grow older.

Physical Fitness and Defense

  • There are phases during childhood when our kids get bullied. They may get bullied because of their physique; either malnourished or obese. When your child starts training taekwondo, everything will change. His body build will be better and he will learn self-defense techniques. Although the techniques are not necessarily for fighting. Dome techniques, like how to handle bullying situations calmly, are also taught.

When you enroll your child at an early age at DOS Taekwondo, he/she will surely grow with great skills and discipline. He can also be master at a young age and enter state, national and international competitions.

This is your child’s time to shine!

Enroll him now and give him the life of a Taekwondo Master. DOS Taekwondo — Sydney Taekwondo for kids offers very affordable class programs that are full of fun and are also safe and secure. Just dial 1300 338 919! You can also visit us on our site for more information. Your kids are in good hands, so worry no more!

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