Welcome to DOS Taekwondo Class Program! Now YOU have the opportunity to see for yourself what happens to your child when their true potential is released. It’s an opportunity to join a winning team of dedicated individuals who are all striving to be the best they can be through the study of the DOS Taekwondo Class Program System.

DOS Taekwondo Class Program provides the most exciting and innovative programs YOU and YOUR child will ever experience in the area of child development. When answering the question, “What do you expect your child to gain from the study of Taekwondo at DOS?” the majority of parents indicate that they want their children to learn the values taught at DOS Taekwondo respect, responsibility and self-discipline.

All students are given equal opportunities to reach whatever level of achievement they desire and are given the space to decide exactly what level of skill they wish to strive. Students are encouraged to show sportsmanship and compassion for their classmates and peers.


Tiny Ninjas & Mini Ninjas (3-6 years)

The emphasis is on fun for our Tiny Ninjas & Mini Ninjas. They will participate in basic creative learning drills and games which encourage good listening and enhance motor skills, coordination and balance. They will learn the basics of Taekwondo and the values it instills such as respect, courtesy, cooperation, integrity, perseverance and teamwork.


Often parents ask “what is the best age to start my son or daughter in martial arts classes?” The answer, of course, is now! Why wait to give your child that extra edge in confidence and self-esteem? Do it before they reach those difficult teenage years.

DOS Taekwondo Tiny Ninjas & Mini Ninja’s program channels a child’s natural enthusiasm for the martial arts and helps develop self-esteem, confidence and self-discipline that parents know will benefit their children. Our certified master instructors are skilled in motivating children to achieve their full potential in martial arts as well as at home and at school.

Our specialized Tiny Ninjas & Mini Ninja’s Program is an age- specific curriculum that is professionally designed to teach children important life skills in a fun, exciting and enriching manner. Our DOS Taekwondo master instructors use excitement and fun of the Martial Arts skills to teach key life lessons you would want your child to know.

Your Child Will Achieve More Than Just Learning to Kick and Punch

It’s true that Tiny Ninjas & Mini Ninjas activities will keep your child physically fit and that many of the group activities show children the benefits of good behavior. But, best of all, your child’s class curriculum will also help them see the value of teamwork, good manners and trying their best outside of the classroom.

Here are the 8 main life skills that are taught in the Tiny Ninjas & Mini Ninjas Program:

  • Team Work
  • Balance
  • Focus
  • Self-Discipline
  • Memory
  • Self-Control
  • Coordination
  • Fitness

Tiny Ninjas & Mini Ninja’s Program Reinforces Your Family Values

Many of the same concepts you are teaching your child at home will be consistently reinforced through classroom discussions in your child’s program. Topics such as: good manners (which include keeping hands and feet to themselves), respect for one’s self and others, following directions the first time and more are taught!

Tiny Ninjas & Mini Ninjas Helps Prepare Your Child for Life

Tiny Ninjas & Mini Ninjas will improve your child’s basic motor skills, as well as your child’s positive mental skills. These skills will help your child enter society with a confident and enthusiastic outlook. Your child will become a better student in school, a better listener at home and feel more ambitious towards his/her future goals.

We believe the time between ages four and six are the most important years of a child’s development. Let us help enhance your child’s mental and physical development in a fun, positive and motivating way. Enroll your child today, and help prepare them for life! Class sizes are limited, call now to reserve you child’s space!

Ninjas (7-10 years)

At this specific age, your child’s confidence is starting to show or has yet to come to the surface. DOS Taekwondo ‘Ninjas’ program helps to bring out the personalities of your child surrounded by fellow classmates and DOS Taekwondo Master Instructors whilst learning and practicing Taekwondo.

Concentration and perseverance play key roles at this age and we encourage our students to further themselves to bring out the best in themselves.

From the age of 7 children start training to achieve their Black Belt. Some benefits you can expect to see from your Ninjas will be fitness, self confidence, respect for those around them and their environment and enhanced concentration. These are achieved by establishing a good discipline base in a happy and safe environment.

The benefits of Taekwondo for kids ages 7-10 are endless!

The key areas of development DOS Taekwondo Master Instructors focus on are:

  • They get physically and mentally stronger, which helps them in daily life.
  • Taekwondo isn’t just physical training, it’s mental training.
  • They learn complicated movements which help their concentration and memory.
  • They learn to coordinate their bodies.
  • They learn discipline.
  • They learn to do as they are asked.
  • They gain the self-discipline to keep going when training is tough.

Another of the benefits of Taekwondo for children ages 7-10 is that there is great emphasis on respect and courtesy. Children in Taekwondo learn to respect their instructors and respect each other. In time they learn to respect themselves. They learn to be polite to everyone, even people they may not like, which is a great skill for them to take with them into adult life.

Our Ninjas also learn the power of perseverance. They learn that if something is difficult, but worth achieving, then for them to achieve it they have to keep trying. They have to face failure and get over it and pick themselves up. And try again… and again. And eventually they get it!

Training in DOS Taekwondo Ninja’s program boosts self confidence and self esteem which promotes a sense of pride and self achievement.

We’ve seen children become more sure of themselves and gain the confidence to speak in front of the class or perform a difficult pattern in front of a grading panel. They develop the confidence to teach and to nurture the younger kids. In doing so they learn patience and kindness. Over time we have seen DOS Taekwondo Ninjas develop into calm, self-assured young people who are quietly confident in themselves with high self esteem. People with high self esteem are less likely to get involved in destructive behavior like taking drugs or alcohol abuse. That quiet, assured self confidence also means that they are less likely to be bullied at school.

Commanders & Teens (11-16 years)

As your Commanders & Teens sets their goals for which colour belt they are next to achieve, it is preparing them for the challenges and demands of secondary school by persistence, participation, goal setting, task completion and achievement. Training is a physical stress relief which promotes a clear and focused mind. Taekwondo teaches self defense but will deal with conflict by learning how to resolve it and avoid being the victim of bullying.

Your child has developed into a great kid, but still needs that extra encouragement to develop his/her confidence or bring to life his/her talents. Our Commanders & Teens’ Program is dedicated exclusively for children ages 11-16.

Finalizing the last years in primary school and transitioning into high school can prove to be a difficult time for any child. Fully understanding martial arts and beginning to realize the benefits of Taekwondo are apparent with participants in our Commanders & Teens' Program.

Bullying in the school yard, talking in front of class or having to compete in sports days come with high pressure on young teens. At DOS Taekwondo, we believe that the confidence and determination to succeed goes hand in hand with the learning and training in a martial art environment through our grading, competitions and class participation.

Our Commanders & Teens Program is…

  • Physically and mentally challenging for participants
  • Fun. Kids love to be challenged and to learn new things. Taekwondo promotes both.
  • A great way to make new friends. Many of our students have made some of their best friends through martial arts training.
  • Not the same old sports. Taekwondo offers an avenue outside of traditional sports where kids can excel and learn valuable life skills.
  • Catered to your child’s needs and abilities. We have classes for both beginner and advanced students.

Through the years, DOS Taekwondo has successfully developed a Commanders & Teens program that is specifically geared towards a young teen student. Building on the foundation of gradual warm ups and stretching, our Commanders & Teens increase their flexibility while increasing balance and power. Through this program,  all students are able to develop:

  • Flexibility
  • Self Defense
  • Weight Control
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Stress Reduction

Our Commanders & Teens program is a complete training system that not only teaches the art of Taekwondo, but also combines high intensity fitness kickboxing with realistic self-defense techniques.

Exercise and Improved Well Being

Taekwondo strengthens the body and improves one’s health through physical exercise and conditioning. Isometric and dynamic tension exercises will allow your child  to gain better muscle tone and more strength. A gradual building process of safe and easy stretching techniques will enhance flexibility, while breathing and concentration exercises lead to sharper reflexes and senses.


The discipline of Taekwondo leads to increased energy, better health and fitness, greater coordination, and higher self-esteem. These qualities are vital to a happier, longer life.

DOS Taekwondo’s Commanders & Teens program helps your child recognize and handle situations in which self-defense may be required. Using our completely integrated system, your child learns the techniques he/she will need to defend oneself in threatening situations. A child also learns valuable advice on how to avoid potentially dangerous situations and the ability to discern what level of force is necessary for a given encounter.

Adults (17 years & above)

Our Adults class was developed so as our young adults could train with their peers before they move up into seniors. Our Adults are mainly higher belts who have specific training programs in patterns and fighting, which helps when they compete in interclub, state, national and international WTF Taekwondo tournaments.


From the age of 17 growth and development is varied.

Emotional challenges are very real so there is no better time for them to learn to feel good about themselves.  And there is no better way than through DOS Taekwondo's Adults Program, which supports other sports and activities – especially school work.

No two children move at the same pace.

We need to be mindful that they are no longer children but not quite adults yet.

This is why we need to separate them into their own age group, allowing them to learn from mistakes as they broaden their outlook, taking on new responsibilities and venturing into areas not yet explored. We need to challenge them and keep them interested and enthusiastic.   Continual improvement through Taekwondo reflects on all areas of their lives.

Involvement in Demonstration Teams, Competitions and Junior Black Belt Camps is the soul of our Adults Program.

Through Taekwondo we are encouraging the importance of :

  • Goal Setting
  • Participation
  • Persistence
  • Completion of tasks
  • Resisting bad peer pressure
  • Acknowledgement of achievement
  • Enjoying success

Taekwondo will capture undivided attention and channel their energy in a positive healthy manner.

Build confidence through participation.

It’s amazing what they can fit into their time if they are enthusiastic and willing to participate.

Let us be involved in their growth and development as they dream and believe in their future!