DOS Taekwondo Club is “not just another club.” We offer the perfect balance of safety, discipline, fitness, and fun in all of our class programs. Our training sessions are held in a safe and friendly environment where each student enjoy themselves while learning the valuable life lessons only Taekwondo can offer.

What sets DOS Taekwondo Club apart from other clubs?

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At DOS Taekwondo Club we offer free month training, free membership, free uniform without any obligations of signing long term contracts or minimum payments. DOS Taekwondo is a certified member of the most elite Taekwondo associations recognized nationally and around the globe. We are proud member of KUKKIWON.

  • As a certified Kukkiwon member, each of our black belt student’s ranks is automatically recognized internationally.
  • We have unlimited resources to share information and to gain valuable information from renowned Kukkiwon members.
  • Our students enjoy the privileges of Regional, National and International Recognition.

See more of our Club Membership Accreditations – Click here.

Who can enroll in your class programs?

We have dedicated classes for all age groups. Our youngest student is 4 years old and we also have students who are 60+. Whether you are 4 or 60 years old, male or female DOS Taekwondo has a program designed specifically to suit your needs.

At DOS Taekwondo, we treat everyone as individuals, whether you are a young child, a teen, an adult, male or female.

A program that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Taekwondo is an activity that the whole family can enjoy. Doing the program together as a family is a great way both to get and keep fit and to teach children the value of physical fitness and more!

Through the years, several families have grown with the club. We have accommodated kids and parents as well. This is the perfect place to bond and share the wonderful experience of Taekwondo while improving fitness, self-confidence, discipline and respect of each family member.

Parents are the best role models. By leading an active life, you inspire your children to do the same. And there’s no better way to do this than joining the same program your child is passionate about. DOS Taekwondo is the perfect place for you to offer praise, rewards and encouragement as you watch your child first hand develop into a confident and strong Taekwondo member.

How do you train students?

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At DOS Taekwondo, we give individual attention to each student, which allows you to progress quickly and easily toward your personal goals. DOS Taekwondo Instructors are aware of the students’ short term and long term goals and we help them achieve these at the most efficient way possible. We do not train students in bulk. Our dedicated master instructors offer a one on one experience. We have a minimum of 1 – 2 instructors for each class. We make sure to pay attention to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. We focus on making our students stronger mentally and physically. Our DOS Taekwondo Master Instructors teach by pure experience and not just from textbooks or movies.

How do you keep students interested in training?

Through the years, all of our students can attest that there is always a challenge at DOS Taekwondo – whether it’s within the club or competing against the world. Boredom is the biggest enemy of every martial arts instructor. It is easy for a student to be bored with the same old drills. This is the very reason why our master instructors try their best to keep the training programs as exciting and fun as possible. Our instructors are great with children.

They are easy to give praise as well as instruction and correction. Check out one of our classes, preferably a class for your child’s age group. Witness for yourself the excitement and energy our students exude.