All students of DOS TAEKWONDO have the opportunity to compete in regular local and national taekwondo tournament in poomse and full contact sparring.

Leading up to a taekwondo tournament, students are trained more closely in their poomse, kicks and counter attacks. There is a lot of one on one attention with any student that is competing to ensure they are fully prepared.

taekwondo tournament

A Taekwondo Tournament is run at different levels. We participate in Inter-club, State, National, International competitions and we highly encourage students to aim for the Olympic team.

The opportunity to compete in tournaments is offered to all students. However, this is not compulsory. We cater for all levels of interest in Taekwondo and do not assume that every student is as passionate about the sport as we are.

At DOS TAEKWONDO we regularly participate in local introductory tournaments, state championship and national competitions. Consistently producing champions at all competition levels in both sparring and poomsae across all ages and belts.