Our DOS TAEKWONDO sport program was designed to encourage kids to incorporate exercise into their daily routine.

At DOS we are committed to providing a fun, safe and progressive environment. Each individual is encouraged to improve themselves and reach their own potential at their own pace.

The practice of Tae Kwon Do improves flexibility and conditioning of the entire body, enhances concentration, discipline and self confidence; and promotes good character and ethical conduct.

Our school sports program will run for 1 school term at allocated times by our fully qualified, endorsed and insured instructors. At the end of this frame students will be graded and can achieve yellow belt status

At a very cost effective price, students will receive training to pursue their yellow belt status. They will also receive STA Taekwondo membership, insurance and their first grading. Students that pass the grading will then receive a FREE DOS TAEKWONDO uniform.

Students can continue the following term to pursue their green belt status and so on through the ranks.