Hundreds of ideas for birthday parties are reused over and over again. The most common ones include cowboy theme, space theme, princess theme, and a carnival theme. Although these are all cool and fun ideas for a birthday party, they have already lost most of their charm because of how common they are. You would want your kids to have a special and unique party that will be the talk of your guests for a long time. DOS Taekwondo, an Australian Martial Arts Academy, has the perfect birthday party idea you are looking for: a Taekwondo themed party.

You might have heard of martial arts as a theme for a birthday party, right? But what Dos Taekwondo has to offer for you is something else! Before we go through what’s included in our unique birthday party package, let us enlighten you why a Taekwondo birthday party is a good way to go.


Why Get an Australian Martial Arts Academy to Host Your Party


It gets their body moving.

Kids tend to move around a lot and that is just a healthy part of them growing up. Taekwondo will encourage them to focus all of that energy into something that would be good for their body, health, and mind. See fast results with the guidance of an Australian martial arts academy.

It will be fresh and interesting for them.

A taekwondo birthday party is not something you see every day, because it is often overshadowed by the common birthday themes.  The kids will enter the party with a theme they have never seen before! Isn’t it exciting? Watch how your kids wear those smiles on their face!

Interactive parties are a good way to go.

Involve your guests in the fun of the party. Watch them get in touch with the taekwondo moves as they bond by learning together. This is also a good way of developing your social skills. Let this be your time to shine.

Dos Taekwondo’s Birthday Package

Our team proudly presents our special birthday package which includes:

  • 2 qualified taekwondo instructors from an Australian martial arts academy
  • 2 hours of fun and games for everyone
  • The birthday child will receive  Dos taekwondo gifts

Australian Martial Arts Academy’s Aim

What Dos Taekwondo aims to do is to give your child a birthday party they will never forget. All unique and fun with the one and only Dos Taekwondo. This is all just for a very affordable price of $199.00! This is not the only advantage our members have; find out more about the benefits of taekwondo for your children here. We are always eager to answer your inquiries. Call us at 1300 338 919 for more details.

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