What is the first thing experts would recommend when it comes to pre-exercise routines? The answer to this is to stretch. It is always a common practice to stretch first before proceeding to any strenuous activities, especially for any Australian Taekwondo training. One might think that it is something you can just skip and ignore, but you will be doing more harm to yourself once you decide to not do it. Here’s why stretching is much more important than you think:

  • Loosening tight muscles – One of the culprits when it comes to an Australian Taekwondo injury is a muscle-related injury. This includes muscle strains, sprains, and torn muscles. Your muscles will need loosening to give it a wider range of motion. If you still decide to push through with a tight muscle, you are risking yourself to muscle-related injuries.
  • Reduces muscle soreness – Every physical activity can give you those tired muscles feeling, sometimes even making it difficult to move around. You can save your muscles the trouble by stretching before the activity.
  • Enhances your mental focus – Focus and concentration are important when it comes to a successful Australian Taekwondo training. Giving your body the chance to release all the tensions in your muscles will help your mental state become focused.

Types of Stretching in Australian Taekwondo


Ballistic Stretching

This kind of stretching involves bouncing, bobbing, and rapid movements done in a repetitive manner. Doing so will improve your range of motion, making it possible for you to perform higher kicks with ease. In other sports, basketball players use this kind of stretching to improve the heights of their jumps. However, this kind of stretching is not recommended for amateurs or to those that are just starting to do stretching. This is because it can be very demanding on the muscles and several body parts.

Dynamic Stretching

This kind of stretching involves muscle movement in its full range, meaning it takes soft tissues to their full length with a follow up of an exerted force. It can be a little similar to Ballistic Stretching. What makes them different is that the Dynamic stretching does not contain much bouncing and bobbing.

Dynamic stretching is often preferred by experts and beginners alike because the risk of injuring yourself is much lower than Ballistic stretching. Although both stretching techniques can help you improve your flexibility, Dynamic stretching can help you more when it comes to balance and coordination.

Static Stretching

This type is considered the controlled one. You will experience stretching out specific groups of muscles until you feel a slight pain. That will be the indication that you need to hold that position for ten to sixty seconds. This will be accompanied by slow and steady breathing.

Static stretching is recommended for general fitness, even for an Australian Taekwondo session. It is beginner friendly and does not put too much risk on your muscles.

Start Stretching!

Stretching is not a shallow thing. It is always needed for every type of exercise — like a warm-up. In Dos Taekwondo, you will see how important stretching is. So, in order for you to start receiving insights and learnings, enroll now!

Stretching is an important part of an Australian Taekwondo session. It does not only improve your flexibility and range of movement, but it also reduces the risks of injuries. Start training with our best instructors today. Call us at 1300 338 919 for more information.



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