Kickboxing Western Sydney is one of the most popular martial arts practiced worldwide. It attracts a lot of new students, both kids and adults, because of its benefits for health and self-defense.

The moves in kickboxing often include kicks, punches, elbow strikes, headbutts, knew strikes, or throws against one another. One might notice that the styles used in kickboxing are similar to some other martial arts. That is because it is a combination of several martial arts’ powerful and agile movements.

The Birth of Kickboxing Western Sydney

Muay Thai is a martial arts style that originated in Thailand. It was originally referred to as Muay Boran, a kind of boxing practiced by the Siamese soldiers during the 13th and 14th century. Muay Boran was designed to mimic the weapons of war. The hand movements would be similar to how swords and daggers swing. Shins and forearms acted as the armor to protect from heavy blows. The elbows hit the enemies like a hammer, while the legs and knees imitated axe and staff movements.

When King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) gained control over the throne, his peaceful leadership affected where Muay Boran was headed. It gradually became an art for physical exercise, self-defense, and recreation. Rules were eventually added, along with the use of protective gears. As years passed, the term Muay Thai was commonly used instead of Muay Boran.

Osamu Noguchi was a Japanese Boxing Expert who came across Muay Thai. The martial art had the powerful techniques he was looking for. He has always wanted to formulate a new fighting technique to combine with the soul Karate has. He found out that the two martial arts would go well together in terms of power, agility, and soul. It eventually became known as the kickboxing Western Sydney we know today.

In 1970, America started to hold kickboxing events and it slowly entered parts of Europe. It was not until 1976 that an organized body of martial arts was formed. They were responsible for the global scale to sanction fights and create ranking systems.

Kickboxing Today

Kickboxing Western Sydney today is not just for those who wish to participate in the sports, but also for those who wish to get fit. A lot of classes now offer kickboxing classes open for everyone who wishes to learn. It is proven to help the students lead healthier and happier lives.

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