Martial Arts instructors are undoubtedly the heroes who help students reach their full potential. They provide you with the passion and the hard work to give you nothing but the best lessons and fruitful training. Great advice will also be shared with you; along with the best martial arts supplies Sydney that will help you achieve comfort while training.

However, there is something else that would also help you achieve a successful training. They are the martial art supplies Sydney or the martial arts equipment used as an aid to better incorporate the lessons and techniques. Learn more about the equipment that will be used to train you for greatness.


Martial Arts Supplies Sydney for Training


Kicking Bag

This martial arts equipment is one of the most commonly used aids to train students. They are commonly used to practice the form and strength of your punches and strikes. You will be able to identify it as the padded training tool, usually on a stand. Their sizes usually come as big as the students, in order to imitate real life situations. It can also help with their range of movement being provided with a wide variety of striking and kicking angles.

Kicking Paddles

Another basic martial arts supplies Sydney necessary for training are kicking paddles. They are also built with padded materials used to absorb the shock from the kicks. This training tool is handheld, making it possible to imitate a moving target. Kicking bags are used to improve the power of a student’s strikes and kicks, while kicking paddles are needed to train them for accuracy, speed, and agility.

Kicking Shields

This training tool can be considered similar to a kicking paddle, but differ in size and purpose. It is significantly thinker and slightly bigger than your usual kicking paddle. It is also handheld by an instructor or a training partner. You can use the shield as a moving target or a moving target, either way, it is meant to practice and improve the students’ kicks.

The purpose of this is to practice repetitive kicking moves and maintain its strength in different heights and frequency.

Quality Martial Arts Supplies Sydney

DOS Taekwondo offers high-quality martial arts supplies Sydney for everyone! Enjoy your training by using only the best gears. We are dedicated to making your learning experience the best thing you will ever have. We want everyone to be satisfied with the equipment and gear they are using. The equipment is one factor that makes the trainees and students motivated to work out. So, we can guarantee that our supplies are all new and of quality.


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