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Why do we have to be courteous? How can we apply courtesy in Taekwondo and Martial Arts for Kids classes? What good comes with courtesy? Will this make us better, if not the best, students of Taekwondo and Martial Arts for Kids? These are some of the questions that are involved when Sam Guner, The Best Martial Arts Teacher Sydney, talks about courtesy.

Courtesy is being polite without any expectations in return. There are plenty of words that can be connected to courtesy. Some of them are politeness, civility, respect, kindness and being well-mannered. Courtesy in Taekwondo and Martial Arts for Kids class is simply being humble and modest to everyone. “I told them to greet each other whenever they enter as well as whenever they leave. That is already a simple act of courtesy”, the Best Martial Arts Teacher Sydney says. Simply bowing to your fellow classmates as well as your teacher is already an act of courtesy not only before and after sparring but also when greeting them. “I also teach them to respect each other regardless of their rank”, Sam says. Ranks should not be used to intimidate others on your class. Treatment with respect must be favored. Courtesy is also applied when your teacher is talking. “My students get to be disciplined and had learn to talk only when it is their turn”, the Best Martial Arts Teacher Sydney declares. Sam also tells them not to play with their belt or to fiddle with their feet whenever he tries to teach something. “Being polite does not imply that they should have courtesy only when they are inside their class so I tell them to respect others even outside”, Sam says. People who are courteous are the people who find less, if none, troubles and conflicts that may come to their path.

“Many students learn courtesy from me but you know as a teacher, you might as well learn from your students”, the Best Martial Arts Teacher Sydney says with a very truthful thought. As a sign of courtesy that he gets from his students, they thank him after the class. But as a sign of courtesy from him to his students, he thanks them back for taking his lessons seriously. “There is a lot of ideas that I can share to them and I think they have something to tell as well”, Sam thought. Instead of plain talking and instructions from their teacher, Sam makes it interactive wherein his students can say what they have in mind. They have the opportunity to make suggestions. With the way they listen to their teacher intently when he speaks, Sam does that when his students have something to say.

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Taekwondo teaches discipline so courtesy is a part of it. If you respect others, they will respect you, too. If you become modest, others will be polite to you. If your attitude is well-mannered, you will have mutual respect with your classmates. In short, whatever you do to others will come back to you 10 times better. But sooner or later, we will all encounter our own version of an agry old woman. This is the kind of person who just will not accept our courtesy and politeness for a reason. Nevertheless, you should not stop from being courteous especially in taekwondo. As you have this, you may not have to face consequences and your path to where you want to be is clear. You will be the best in taekwondo as you learn from the best Martial Arts Teacher Sydney.

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