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As we learn more about Best Sydney Taekwondo , we also attain more knowledge about Best Sydney Taekwondo.

DOS Taekwondo is a great school for Sydney Taekwondo; it is where you can learn all of what you need to know about Sydney Taekwondo. In our past articles, we gave you The Basics of Taekwondo, Benefits of Taekwondo and Taekwondo for Beginners. And now that you know about these things, it’s time to get to the more complicated areas of taekwondo. This time, we are going to give you Taekwondo Australia 4 basic rules and 4 ways of Scoring.

As you begin your journey in taekwondo, learn the basics of it first, and you also have to learn about the 4 basic rules and 4 ways of scoring.

4 Basic Rules of Best Sydney Taekwondo


  • Taekwondo is also a sport competition and the aim of the sport is to land many kicks and blows as you can on your opponent in the target areas allowed.
  • A taekwondo Sports Competition should comprised of 3 rounds with 2 minutes each and a 1 minute break each round.
  • The taekwondo competition area should be 10m square mat.
  • The winner is the person who knocks-out the opponent, scores the most points or by the default disqualification of the opponent.


4 Ways of Scoring in Best Sydney Taekwondo


  • In taekwondo, a point is scored for a competitor for each legitimate strike on the body and a couple of points for a kick in the face. An additional point will be given to a competitor for a knocked down opponent.
  • One referee and three judges oversee the competition. A point is only awarded when two or more judges register a hit at the same time.
  • Kicks to the head and body are only awarded points if they are landed with parts of the foot below the ankle.
  • Blows to the body must be with the front of the index and middle finger knuckles of a tightly clenched fist if they are to be awarded points. Punches to the head are not allowed.


These are the 4 Basic Rules and 4 Ways of Scoring Taekwondo. If you enroll at DOS Taekwondo Australia and learn more about taekwondo then you can also participate in Taekwondo Competitions.


Here’s one of our short clips of a one on one fight for advanced students:

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