Best Taekwondo Hurstville — Did you know?

Did you know that taekwondo is a very therapeutic form of martial arts? And it is very effective for our children who might have special needs in Best Taekwondo Hurstville.

Tae kwon do Therapy or better known as Therapeutic Taekwondo is psychologically proven to help with the intervention and treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Asperger’s Syndrome and other mental, behavioral, emotional and psychological disorders.

Introducing Dos Taekwondo Hurstville

DOS Taekwondo Hurstville focuses on the practice of discipline that helps in the improvement and development of the whole body. This helps a child generally, from his gross and fine motor skills, up to his motor- planning skills and respiration. And though it is popularly known as a combat and self-defense type of martial art, it is becoming more of a practice and exercise as it has multiple benefits to the human body.

DOS Taekwondo Hurstville, a school for martial arts: Taekwondo promotes programs that help children who have special needs, specifically ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome. We provide a comprehensive therapy approach and developmental strategies while engaging in martial arts. We are a proud academy that trains our students to be physically, mentally and spiritually fit. It has become our passion to help children bring out their best.

Taekwondo — the art of discipline

With each session of our DOS Taekwondo Hurstville training, you will learn basics to advance lessons and you will slowly build and develop your body.

Since Tae kwon do is mastering the art of discipline, children with ADHD will be able to reduce their hyperactivity and learn to keep their focus and concentration. Though it may be hard, with every training come new lessons that will help your child enhance his skills without him having difficulty in coping up. Each lesson contains different taekwondo techniques and transitional movements that are good for our sensors.

While children with Asperger’s Syndrome would also have a lot of benefits starting from the improvement of social skills and even non-verbal skills. Even verbal Speech language could benefit here since DOS Taekwondo Hurstville training has been combined with relays which would help practice the verbal skills; sounds, words and specific language.

Here is an invitation!

Dos Taekwondo encourages and invites parents to enroll their child for a healthy and beneficial lifestyle. DOS Best Taekwondo Hurstville ensures the safety of its clients and our trainers are professional black-belters in martial arts. If you have any questions regarding DOS Best Taekwondo Hurstville, you can contact us at 1300 338 919. Come and enroll now, there’s a lot to learn at Dos Taekwondo!

Don’t be hesitant to be a part of us. With The Best Taekwondo Hurstville, your development and progress will be taken care of.  Our mentors are full pledged to help the students become the best version of themselves. You can also visit us online for more information.

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