Best Taekwondo Sydney techniques are taught by the finest taekwondo schools like the lessons offered by Dos Taekwondo. It’s our goal to train every student and bring out their best potential.  We want them to be holistically healthy from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness.

Truthfully, achieving a black belt status is an achievement but building the inner-self has more sustaining effect to every student.

Our Best Taekwondo Sydney lessons are filled with art and creativity. All of these skills can be applied outside the school and can positively impact one’s life.  We also take pride of our passionate and skilled teachers who are committed in imparting all these lifetime lessons.

Some of the Best Taekwondo Sydney techniques that you can learn from our school:

  • GunnunSogi or Ahpsogi. This technique is applied when approaching or retreating in combat. We will teach you the best positions and steps to maximize the use of this technique.
  • NiunjaSogi is a basic fight stance used in Taekwondo to get ready for kicking. This is one of the best natural stances where you can derive different taekwondo kicks and punches. This step is also called as the Ready Stance or Chumbisogi.
  • DwitBalSogi or Poomsogi. This technique is also referred as the Cat Stance or Tiger Stance in Taekwondo. Our teachers will teach you the best way to use this technique and become the best and skilled martial artist.
  • AnnunSogi or Joo-choom sogi is also known as the horse-stance. This is a natural stance applied in Taekwondo which enables the student to master his punching skills.
  • Kyorugijoobni is a fighting stance which allows kicking using front or back foot techniques.

Here in Dos Taekwondo, we are always committed in giving you the Best Taekwondo Sydney techniques, strategies and lessons. We are very happy that our students have continuously widened their horizons and potentials. We want everyone to be successful not only in the field of taekwondo but in everything.

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