Taekwondo — let us balance everything

Dos Taekwondo Sydney offers classes that will teach students the perfect balance of safety, discipline, fitness, and fun. Our training sessions are held in a safe and friendly environment where each student enjoy themselves while learning the valuable life lessons only DOS can offer.

Dos Taekwondo also guides beginners on their journey to learning Taekwondo. If you’re a beginner and stressing over the belt rankings, you shouldn’t really worry about it because you will earn a belt one at a time when you are ready and deserving of the rank.


Learn the basics

As a beginner, you shouldn’t pressure yourself over earning the highest ranking belt but otherwise working hard on learning the basics. This is necessary because the basics are very important. After all, everyone starts in scratch. At first, you may think that the basics are not important but if you learn it in the right way then you will eventually understand that every high-level technique is a mere variation of one basic technique. So training hard to ace the basics is the start of you being successful in Taekwondo.

Taekwondo is not just about kicks and punches. It is also about fighting the battles of life. Once you continue learning taekwondo, you would learn six abiding principles which are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit, and humility. Most importantly, you will learn how to discipline yourself. Learning to discipline yourself will lead you to acquire more positive qualities that will benefit you, your family and the society as well. Taekwondo helps in developing the overall you! By practicing taekwondo, you will be more resistant to stress and peer pressure. You will also not only improve physically but also mentally, spiritually and socially.

Let us do our best

At Dos, you will certainly acquire all these benefits. We guide beginners and give individual attention to each student, which allows them to progress quickly and easily achieve their personal goals. Dos Taekwondo Sydney Instructors are aware of the students’ short term and long term goals and we help them achieve these in the most efficient way possible.

Of course, goals can be achieved if you also help yourself. Coaches are great at motivating you but the physical strength still comes from you. Don’t worry, the masters are dedicated enough to teaching you new skills about this sport.

Here is how we do it

We do not train students in bulk. Our dedicated master instructors offer a one on one experience. We have a minimum of 3 – 4 instructors for each class. We make sure to pay attention to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. We focus on making our students stronger mentally and physically. Dos Taekwondo Sydney Master Instructors teach by pure experience and not just from textbooks or movies. Enroll now!

Dos Taekwondo Sydney Master Instructors make sure that you are in good hands. Your time, effort, and money will not be wasted. If you want to earn it, you got to train hard, and our masters will be there to achieve your goals!

Just dial 1300 338 919 on your phone or visit us online today!


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