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Taekwondo is a famous Korean martial art that teaches different styles and techniques which make use of the hands, arms, feet, and legs.  Physically, it is very dynamic with active movements and are in sympathy of the mind and life as a whole which makes it unique from many martial arts form. With the different forms that are included in the art, most of them are used for self-defense against potential attackers.

As of today, many Taekwondo competitions are being held across the globe. The different popular competitions include sparring and poomsae where many professionals and experts compete against each other. Before anyone can undertake such activities, they must first master the different techniques and styles the art has to bring. One way to ensure that a student has mastered the martial art is through the form of breaking.

Hurstville Taekwondo — Mastering Techniques to Break Wood and Boards

After years of training, it is essential to make sure that a student is made effective based on the techniques he has learned. In the long run, it would be pointless to keep training moves that won’t be efficient in defending against attackers.

In Taekwondo, most schools signify breaking wood or boards as a test to justify the mastery of a student’s technique.  If the skill was done correctly, the board should break and should mean that the student has reached a higher level of expertise in Taekwondo.  If the wood doesn’t break, it might mean that the learner has much more to learn or that the technique is just not being used effectively. For each belt check, you may have to break one or more boards with the kicking and punching strategies which you are being tested on.

Most mistakes of students when trying to break boards is that they only focus their power directly at the point of contact to the wood.  Even if they do their technique properly, there is still a chance that the board wouldn’t split.  For a better approach, it would be best to aim your focus on a point just beyond the wood which will help in making your power follow through to ensure that the board will break.   Also, distance plays a big role in doing such. Make sure that you are not too far and not too near if you want the breaking to be successful.  But always remember your safety. Work on your accuracy as you can injure both your hand and feet or the hand of the woman or man that is holding the board.

Hurstville Taekwondo — as an academy

Hurstville Taekwondo – Dos Taekwondo is a martial arts academy that focuses on developing all their students’ techniques. It is ideal for all ages, gender and perfect for learning any martial arts form. The school is staffed with professional and expert instructors in the art of Taekwondo and provides classes where everyone gets an equal opportunity to grow and develop. To make sure that you or your child will be able to master the technique and break boards in the near future, it would be best to enroll in our class.

It is like enrolling your child in a university. That is how easy it is to enter the Hurstville Taekwondo. Don’t forget to call us today at 1300 338 919 or visit us now!

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