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Busting long believed ideas are very common now. Yet, it still gets most of us by surprise. That’s really understandable. It’s quite hard to process when what you believed for a very long time turns out to be a simple myth. However hard it is, though, we still have to accept the truth. In today’s martial arts North Sydney blog, we are to bust one of the most famous beliefs about exercise… then let people face reality.

The Myth: To Lose Fat, You Need To Exercise More

As heartbreaking it is to many, yes, this is a myth. Martial Arts North Sydney does burn fats especially if you exercise hard enough to make your body need more energy than what is readily available. The reason this myth became popular is because when there is not enough energy left in your body to sustain your activity, it starts retrieving your stored sleeping energy and burn it back to its active, usable state – yes, we’re talking about your body fats. Your body fats are, in reality, stored energy. They were once active energy that weren’t used and stored by your body for future use. And where else do we get energy but from what we eat? The more you eat, especially foods filled with carbohydrates, calories and fats, the more energy you are given. And that’s how we break the exercising myth. As long as you keep eating more than what your body actually needs, you’ll just end up storing more and more excess energy and keep gaining extra fats. Most people who try to lose fats through exercise ends up eating more food to gain them enough energy, thus, not burning any fats at all since they have taken in enough energy in the first place and won’t be needing extra ones… no matter how much they sweat.

In conclusion, in order to really lose fats through exercise, you have to either eat a lot less than what you normally do OR you can actually strain yourself with hours and hours of exercise EVERYDAY while only eating as much as before, no additional. However, as much as both of these aren’t desirable, it’s also risky and unreliable to simply establish your weight lose regime on exercise alone.

Now, after busting the myth, let’s look more closely on the fact…


Truth: It’s Most about Good Nutrition

Ok, I figured the martial arts North Sydney myth busting part was a bit confusing. It’s like saying exercising is useless, then it becomes helpful, then I say it can be harmful. Well, the truth is, losing fat is scientific. If done right, even moderately, it’s very effective. On the other hand, if it’s done in a wrong or clueless way, it can be lead to an opposite effect or even be dangerous.

The ideal formula to weight loss or losing fat is simple: smart nutrition + smart exercise + smart rest. Smart – because you should do it right. Let’s start with the “smart” rest part, did you know that people oversleeping has equal negative effects to one’s body and mental state as that of sleep deprivation? The worst part is, when deprived of sleep, you can sleep again while you can’t do anything much when overslept. This just shows that when you have a good thing too much or in a wrong way, it still ends up wrong.

Many people that are trying to loose weight will experiment with many different types of diets. Some would try not to eat and exercises more in order to loose weight. Martial arts classes are a great way to loose weight. Taekwondo burns off a lot of calories. A taekwondo class is fun and a quicker way to burn out calories than many other activities or sports.

Same as with nutrition and exercise, after you find out what’s good for you, you should have it in moderate amount. Too much exercise can help your body break a lot easier than make it strong. You shouldn’t exercise until you’re dead tired. You should just exercise up to a point where you burn a few calories. The trick here is that you should do it everyday and as you go on, you can make your routine more strenuous.

Losing weight should be based in that simple formula and you should do a little research about your routine before trying it out. You should also be consistent because sudden changes to your body can make it react in different ways. For now, this article is just dedicated in making you realize how you can harm your body in trying to improve it. So that’s it! DOS Martial Arts North Sydney tips in losing fats: just do it “smart”.

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