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Dos Taekwondo Sydney is a type of martial arts that originated in Korea and was put to use with the Special Forces group called the Hwarang. Through evolution of several amalgamations of styles, Taekwondo made its appearance. Now, Taekwondo is one of the most practiced martial arts in the world and also one of the only two martial arts store Sydney to be in the Olympic Games.

The Taekwondo uniform, also known as ‘dobok’ originated from two Korean terms: ‘do’ which means is in reference to the word way and ‘bok’ which means clothing. It must be worn at all times during the practice and most especially during the tournaments and sparring games.

Here are some tips you should consider before buying your Taekwondo uniform from our Martial Arts Store Sydney:

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  1. Check the Dojo requirements: Before buying your first Taekwondo uniform, it is very important to talk to your instructor or a higher ranking student within the school, also called as ‘dojo’. You need to find out what are the requirements are for your school and if there are any Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to buying a Taekwondo uniform. If you are a while belt, DO NOT buy a white uniform with black trim as these are traditionally reserved for instructors. Beginners or new Taekwondo students commonly start out with a plain white uniform with a white belt. Requirements vary, so be sure to ask.
  2. Matching to your size and height: Uniform sizes are based according to height, but does vary with manufacturers. Before buying, make sure you know your height or the person you are buying the Taekwondo uniforms for. Make sure to also take your weight into consideration. Always keep in mind that the more cotton the uniform is made of, the more it will shrink in the first couple of washings. Make sure to wash the uniform according to the instructions found on the label. Remember, it is always best to get a slightly bigger one than that which fits perfectly in the store.
  3. Quality: Some materials that are blended with cotton is Dacron and nylon which are lighter than cotton. Just keep in mind that the more the uniform contains Dacron or nylon, the less it will absorb sweat. In this case, if you easily sweat or sweat profusely, get the highest percentage of cotton that you can afford. Also, cotton uniforms works well with take downs or throws and are easier to grab.
  4. Drawstring or Elastic Waistband: Taekwondo pants come with either an elastic waistband or a drawstring. Most prefer the drawstring which keeps the pants more secure, even if pulled. While some prefer drawstring, some students prefer the comfort of having an elastic waistband to hold up their pants. This is because they feel the drawstring puts constant pressure on the lower abdomen, interfering with breathing.

Taekwondo is for everyone!

Regardless of age, Taekwondo is for everyone. It is also open to children and varied sizes for these uniforms will be available in most stores. Remember that Taekwondo Sydney is a harmless sport for all and it provides one with great ability to build up one’s power and flexibility and even to strengthen personal discipline.

You can buy the Taewondo uniform you need from our Martial Arts Store Sydney. Contact us now at 1300 338 919 or visit us today! Our uniforms are one of  the best, so you might as well not miss this precious clothing.

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