What can Martial Arts Sydney CBD Grand Master do?

The art of having patience and perseverance despite trials and difficulties is important when learning Taekwondo. It is one of the pillars that build not only the high kicks but also the courage inside to execute that. Sam Guner, Martial Arts Sydney CBD Grand Master, never gives up despite the difficulties.

Indomitable spirit is the spirit within every one of us that tells us to keep going even if we are burdened with impossible to overcome problems. “There are times in our life that sorrows come. They come when we least expect them and in these times, we know what to do”, the Martial Arts Sydney CBD Grand Master expresses. Sorrows are as part of life. They come and go through time and we get to be burdened by them. Sam says that these are temporary and they will be if we know how to properly deal with them. The Martial Arts Sydney CBD Grand Master tells his students to never lose hope no matter what.

Use the threats as a motivation

We are all different.  Everyone is unique mentally and physically.  Everyone gets tired every once in a while, the difference is the way we handle every problem that life throws towards us. In Taekwondo, there is a lot of ups and downs but it is always up to us if we let that define who we are or strengthen us instead.  The Martial Arts Sydney CBD Grand Master lets his students learn from everything that they may encounter in their lives. And in this life, there will be a lot of threats that will surround us. These threats will motivate us to execute some of the kicks that we learn in our life but a part of this must be a good way to find patience on when to do it. In taekwondo motivation can acome in any form. For some, their motivation is to improve their physical side and for the others, to achieve the highest belt in taekwondo. Indomitable spirit entails not only fighting but it also entails enduring the pain with calmness and right thoughts before choosing the path of violence.

“Sometimes, a student loses indomitable spirit when opposing with firmness an act of injustice. But as a teacher, you must not as well lose indomitable spirit when teaching this to them”, Sam says. With indomitable spirit, a student will be able to confront a situation of injustice without fear not considering if the other students are of higher rank or not.

Grace Period By Sam Guner

Indomitable spirit can also be observed from the class itself. “I cannot assume that my students will be able to execute a move perfectly for the first time. There is this thing that I call a grace period”, Sam says. Grace period is that time given to you after you were taught with something that you still need to learn in time. This is a situation wherein you may fail to try what was taught for the first or second time and it will be alright to the person who taught you that. Sam gives this to his students in order for them to buy time. His students, as observed, they never give up on learning. They may be sores after a lot of tries but because of the spirit of not giving up, it was all worth it.

We all have our own problems and situations of a living hell of one kind or another. They may not be of the same kind but that is enough for us to know that life is not easy. The Martial Arts Sydney CBD Grand Master says that these are nothing if we deal with them with courage and an indomitable spirit.

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