Martial Arts Western Sydney — Let us talk about the terms!

DOS Taekwondo has once again proven their greatness when it comes to Martial Arts Western Sydney especially in Taekwondo learning as our Grand Master and his team has achieved overall 1st rank on the Sydney Best of Bests Tournament 2015.

As you learn Martial Arts Western Sydney Taekwondo, you’ll have more things to keep in mind and you might get confused with the terminologies. If you enroll in taekwondo, you will learn all about taekwondo, from the history to the modern rules of competitions. We offer great and quality taekwondo class programs, kick boxing and personal training. We have wide training areas that is solely for taekwondo and our area is very safe and conducive for learning.

We promote fun, safe and progressive learning environment. All students are given equal opportunities to reach whatever level of achievement they desire and are given space to decide exactly what level of skill they wish to have.

If you are having problems with Martial Arts Sydney Taekwondo Terminologies, DOS Taekwondo will help you understand them.

Boundary Line

The marginal line around the outside of the contest area. This defines the outer edge of the taekwondo mat.

Chest Protector

Protects the torso and marks out the scoring areas on the body during taekwondo.


A taekwondo contestant that is wearing blue.

Contest Area

The area where taekwondo contest is conducted. It measures 10m square in the center of the mat.


A point in taekwondo.


The uniform of a taekwondo practitioner.


The area where taekwondo is practiced.


Penalty that automatically costs a contestant a point.

Head Guard

Worn by a competitor to protect the head. Head gear is colored either red or blue.


A taekwondo competitor that is wearing red


A taekwondo competitor that is knocked to the floor. The knockdown is followed by a mandatory count of eight by the referee.


When the referee stops the competition and declares a winner if the other competitor is unable to continue.

Referee’s mark

A point marked out on the mat where the referee begins and ends each round.

Scoring Area

The area of the opponent’s face or body where a legitimate strike may be made to score a point in taekwondo.


The command of the referee which starts a taekwondo contest.

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Watch also our video below to know more about the taekwondo terms:

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