mumsandbubsDOS Taekwondo offers new classes: Mums and Bubs. A new and great fitness class that is full of body workouts designed and developed to safely target mums post pregnancy body, helping them strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, while stimulating the baby at the same time to strip the excess baby weight.

Our classes are specifically designed to incorporate a creative structure of cardio and strength training. You can workout to shape and tone your body while your baby sleeps and be comfortable or join the workout and have fun with you! Pay as you go and meet other mums and babies while toning your body and engaging in a fun activity with your baby!


  • There’splenty of parking spaces!
  • Safe exercise areas and modern facilities.
  • With Free Trial!
  • Guaranteed 100% satisfaction.
  • There’s a lot of spaces so you can work out with your baby!
  • We also offer easy trolley access.

At DOS Taekwondo’s Mums and Bubs, it is our goal to work with you and find the best health and fitness exercises. Leave it to us to design a safe and effective workout and nutrition plan perfect for your post natal body. We will develop the best workouts to meet your desires and needs while you enjoy the time you spend with your baby.