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Taekwondo has a wide variety of techniques and styles that were created by masters of different fighting styles. Training may vary according to the instructor’s knowledge and ways of teaching and because Taekwondo has a wide variety of styles and techniques, many people confuse these martial arts to other forms and types of martial arts, thus misconceptions occur. That is why our professional Personal Trainer has collected these misconceptions to clarify them.

Dos Taekwondo Sydney, being the leading taekwondo club is going to give corrections about these misconceptions about taekwondo. Our Sydney personal trainer does not want to mislead our students so we are going to correct the wrong ideas about taekwondo. These are based on their experiences in the field of teaching and training students.

Misconceptions about taekwondo as clarified by DOS’ Personal Trainer

Taekwondo Being a Safe Sport

Compared to other contact sports, it is true that taekwondo is relatively safer to perform, but you cannot remove the fact that taekwondo is still another form of contact sport and accident cannot be avoided. But of course, with the right training and help from DOS Taekwondo’s Personal Trainer Sydney, the risk for injuries will be greatly reduced.

Taekwondo is good for Fitness Training

Taekwondo is an excellent form of exercise but it is not recommended if what you want to achieve is increasing overall fitness. To improve general fitness you will need a steady and moderate level of exercise like running, swimming, cycling, etc.

Taekwondo is Based in Karate

Because Korea was occupied by Japanese troops, one of the common misconceptions about taekwondo is that it was based on Karate. The early techniques and patterns of taekwondo were definitely influenced by karate, however, taekwondo’s roots are in the native Korean style practiced over 2000 years.

Taekwondo is a “Sport”, not an “Art”

Taekwondo is not simply a sport or an art. It is a constantly evolving entity with many different versions being practiced.

With Dos Taekwondo‘s Sydney Personal Trainer, you will be taught with all the things and be corrected from the misconceptions of taekwondo; you will learn everything you need to learn about taekwondo.

Yes, it is true that Taekwondo is known globally because it is one of the best sports that train your body and mind at the same time. Taekwondo is also good for calming down your mind and keeping the peace. If you want to develop your mentality, then you must enroll at Dos Taekwondo. We have great personal trainers that can help you reach your ideal well-being.

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