Taekwondo Master — Self-Control

“A mistake may have been done alone but the consequences are not only towards yourself. They have the power to affect the people around you, especially the ones who truly think about your wellness”. Today, we learn self-control by the best taekwondo master Sydney. Self-control is the ability to restrain one’s self from acting either by physical or moral force. This is a very vital principle in taekwondo that everyone must have this. It may be difficult for some people to learn this on their own especially those with temper issues.

Serdar “Sam” Guner, the best taekwondo master Sydney says, “When you learn taekwondo, you will be able to study really powerful skills that can be used for defense in times of needs but can also be used in a different manner like having revenge to someone. “So when you study taekwondo, self-control comes with it”, he says. It’s always easy to lose self-control like at times when you are angry or in situations where you are distressed. But Sam says, “It may be easy to get angry sometimes, that’s for sure. But gaining self-control can be made easier”.

Self-control by The best taekwondo master Sydney is something that he establishes into his students using various skills that he had gained when he was still learning. Losing self-control is not only when we are angry or upset. We may lose this when we are terribly scared or frightened. In taekwondo, there will be sparring. When a beginner is asked to spar with a black belter, there will always be a feeling of fear. The beginner can lose self-control. He can be seen shaking or perspiring. Sam can have a remedy for situations like this. “Sometimes, if I can feel the tension from my student, I let him score 3 or 4 kicks for him to regain his courage to fight”, the best taekwondo master Sydney says. Sometimes you just have to make your students feel that they are doing well in what they do so they won’t feel intimidated or go feel fear. Sam, letting his student score 3 or 4 kick, showed his student that his teacher has self-control and there is no single reason for his student to lose self-control as well.

Taekwondo Master — Be a better person

We lose self-control in times of physical or mental exhaustion. It comes when we fail at doing something. “When a student comes to class with a really low shoulder, I know something is bothering him”, Sam says. He has this way of feeling what his students feel and with that, he knows what to do. He lets his student have some interventions to lighten up his face and lift his shoulders before going into the ring. In that way, even if the student is bothered, he will forget about it in a while so he won’t lose control over himself.

Self-control is keeping your emotions and remaining calm during stressful and difficult situations. It’s a form of discipline, and without disicipine, there is no success. Losing your temper is an example of not having self-control. Once you loose your temper, you don’t think right. Your emotions will control you and that leads to bad decisions. Having control over yourself is a good way to buy time in thinking what to do next. If you have thought about what to do next and you have thought about it well, it will make you a better person. With self-control by The best taekwondo master Sydney, you can be a better person.

We all know what can losing self-control do to us.  You don’t want to get in trouble, do you? Dos Taekwondo is here to help you keep your sanity intact. Not only that, it will also teach you other techniques for keeping yourself meditated. With the help of our expert trainers, you can master Taekwondo. Call 1300 338 919 now.

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