For everyone who has experience any type of sport, whether be it basketball, cricket, swimming, darts, high jump or even taekwondo, you would have to agree about that for all the training and discipline you went and go through, one of the most important things you learn is the quality of “self-control”. Sydney Taekwondo develops a person’s mind and body and self-control a treasured value. This is what keeps beginners to not give up and what keeps the advance learners to use their skills for granted.


Self-control is the control of one person over his/her feelings. It’s all about struggling and winning against drive to act upon impulse or any emotion.Mastering self-control entitles one to be really in control of his/her life. It improves one’s ability to think under pressure, his/her decision-making and anger management. A person of such mastery in self-control is usually regarded highly in society because of the way they handle things and situations they encounter. They are capable of dealing with different people no matter how difficult they are to deal with.

As much as some people see studying Sydney Taekwondo as promoting aggressiveness and fighting, it is in no way violent.Any form of martial arts requires firm, strong discipline for a student to be successful in learning his field. Students are taught various values including respect, courtesy, and humility which should enable them to fully control themselves from any malicious desires.

These aren’t the only things taught in Sydney Taekwondo and other forms of martial arts. There are more valuable benefits for the different aspects of one’s being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.Not to mention the most commonly known benefit of being able to defend oneself. Training and lessons achieved from Sydney Taekwondo can also be applied in real life, thus, helping one prepare for life’s challenges.

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