Do you know the meaning of each Taekwondo Belt color?

If you are a Taekwondo enthusiast, your ultimate goal would probably be the black belt but before you get that dream black belt of yours, you have to earn it level by level. When you first start Taekwondo, you cannot just wear any color of belt you want, each belt represents a level and you have to work hard to get a specific belt until you reach the ultimate belt. There is a corresponding Taekwondo Belt Order that you need to follow.

Each color represents a meaning and an achievement. In that case, you really have to earn it. It is not as easy as a pie, but if you are determined to undergo training and practices, then surely, you will reach the black belt when the right time comes. Self-discipline is important in this phase.

The range of colored belts can be confusing for someone who is new to the sport. Belts are used in most martial arts programs as a way to award and display a student’s level of technical proficiency, tenure, achievement. The Taekwondo Belt Order is one of the most important things about taekwondo, so if you want to know more about it, read along.

Get To Know The Taekwondo Belt Order


The white belt is the first belt that you will have when you start taekwondo. A test is not required for the white belt, but in order to move on to the next rank, one first has to achieve the white belt with yellow stripes. The test requires the individual to carry out a predetermined pattern, and he has to go through a three-step and one-step sparring process with another taekwondo practitioner.


The yellow belt is the promotion from the white belt, it will take roughly two to three months of training before one can take the test to step up to the next belt. The test that you will have includes a different pattern from the white belt and the breaking of boards with both hands and feet.


From yellow with green stripes to a solid green belt, you will have another test another pattern, along with a one-step spar and a freestyle spar. In addition, he also has to break through two-inch boards with both his hands and feet, as well as demonstrate an ability to defend himself.


The test that you have to do before you attain the blue belt is similar to that of the green with blue stripes, except for the induction of a different pattern and an addition of two-step sparring. One must demonstrate the breaking of a two-inch board with a punch and a one-inch board with a turning kick. All of this typically takes four months to achieve.


With yet another different pattern, the test for the red belt replaces the two-step sparring with multiple free sparring. He also has to break a three-inch board with any kick, while other elements of the test remain the same.


The belt that every Taekwondo athlete dreams to have; the highest rank achievable. The black belt test requires a lot of work: one pattern, one-step sparring, two-step sparring, free sparring and multiple free sparring. To get your black belt, you must also be able to defend against holds, clubs, knives and unarmed opponents, as well as break two three-inch boards with any kick or blow. To get to this stage, it requires at least nine months of training after one has completed the red and black stripe belt test.

They say hard work pays off and I say, it really does. When you love what you are doing, nothing is too hard for you. This is the Taekwondo Belt Order if you desperately want that black belt then go work and train as hard as you can. Want to become a Taekwondo athlete? Come’ join our team here at DOS Taekwondo. Visit us online today! Contact 1300 338 919 for more information! 

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