Courage is not just about being brave; it entails doing what is right and doing it the right way. This guided Serdar “Sam” Guner to become a black belt taekwondo instructor. He did not become a Great Black Belt Taekwondo instructor just because he had the skills and bravery. He did it with courage and he knows that it is just right to teach the skills that he has. Why are taekwondo belts important?

Reasons Taekwondo Belts are important:

Most martial arts require belts to show the practitioner’s level. A martial arts belt is an important part of the uniform, as it does far more than just holding up the pants. In fact, the belts are also used as weapons to disarm the opponents. Sam Guner found it important to become a black belt but he knows that in Martial Arts, it should not just end there; he came to realize to himself that he must share this knowledge to younger ones. He had the courage to become a Great Black Belt Taekwondo Instructor Sydney. Sam, being a Great Black Belt Taekwondo Instructor, is compassionate and understanding. He makes sure that he is knowledgeable of what every student feels especially during his class. If a student cannot have the presence of mind, he will find out what is bothering him or her and he tries to help. He will try to understand the situation at the very best he can do and he will give encouraging words just to get a student to focus.

As an instructor, you are not only expected to teach but as well learn from your students. Sam Guner is always willing to listen. He is always prepared to hear new ideas and thoughts that his students want to share. He is willing to embrace things that have recently come into existence and tests them for effectiveness with his teaching methods.

Sam offers encouragement to his students for taekwondo belts. As a great black belt taekwondo instructor, he tries to look at the training progress of his students. Whenever he sees somewhere a student is not learning very well, he becomes very attentive and will surely teach the student how to be better at that part. He sees to it that a student will be good at patterns and good at applying them as well.

When teaching the art of taekwondo, setting a good example is necessary especially with taekwondo belts. Your students learn from you. They imitate your actions and how you use your words. Sam is very strict when it comes to execution of his actions and how he teaches them verbally. He sees to it that he is doing it right and he uses the proper words.

Patience is very important especially with very young beginners. For students who need a very extensive disciplinary action, Sam will have a very extensive patience in teaching them. His patience does not easily run out and he will have it until the students complete their training.

Sam is true to himself. With it comes being true to his students. Sam knows how to explain things to them the way that they will not quit with where they are going to. A black belt taekwondo instructor is not perfect. It does not mean that he already knows everything. He is fully aware of that and he informs his students about it. As a Great Black Belt Taekwondo instructor, he still continues to learn the art. He does it with courage.

Taekwondo Belts Truths

It is true that your rank depends on the color of your belt, but have you thought the true meaning behind every color? If not, then Sam Guner will teach you the truths about Taekwondo belts. It is a pride to own a black belt, but keep in mind that it is the humility that matters the most. Do you want to dig deeper? Then call us now: 1300 338 919.

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