Last time we gave you some benefits of Taekwondo Martial Arts for Kids, but that is not all there is. If kids are properly trained and taught taekwondo, then they’d definitely learn more. Our DOS Taekwondo Classes Sydney offers lessons about taekwondo that helps children and adults to fully maximize their learning with regards to taekwondo.

DOS Taekwondo Classes Sydney focuses not only on the physical gain of the students; we also help enhance their mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence. Our students are also given equal opportunities to reach whatever level of skills and achievement they aspire. We encourage our students to show sportsmanship and compassion for their classmates and peers.

Training in Dos Taekwondo will indeed let you learn more as we focus on the improvement of each of our students. If we find our students struggling in some of our lessons, we immediately find solutions for him so that he may be able to easily cope up.

            Here are more benefits of our Taekwondo Classes Sydney for children

Coordination of Mind and Body

  • In your local health and fitness clubs, one of the things they miss is teaching how the coordination of mind and body works. Mind and Body coordination is very important even in doing simple tasks. Listening to your body is also seeing what your thoughts are and to doing this will give you heightened awareness of your emotional intelligence.
  • A true martial artist knows how to see, feel and listen all at the same time and both internally and externally. If you have a good mind and body coordination then you’ll be able to control your fear and courage and even increase your intuition.

Conflict Resolution

  • Taekwondo teaches self-control and discipline, which is a big factor in calmly solving problems. Having conflict doesn’t always end up in physical altercation or brawl. With proper discipline and self-control, you can immediately react to situations that would not result in fighting.

Perfect Breathing

  • Breathing is essential in the success of our body movement. Correct breathing will lead you to better practice of physical activities and control of your body. Most athlete, actors, singers and dancers practice correct breathing as this can help you relax when under pressure or a lot of stress.

Below is an awesome video of Taekwondo Patterns showing just how focused and coordinated the students are:


Start experiencing the Benefits of Taekwondo Classes Sydney for Kids!

At DOS Taekwondo Classes Sydney, you will learn lots of things; from the basic to the more complicated physical techniques, emotional control and mental strategies. Enroll now at DOS Taekwondo and be the next Taekwondo Master Martial Arts!

We want the best for your kids, and DOS taekwondo classes are capable of giving what’s best for your kids! We can assure great and quality pieces of training at affordable prices. Enroll now at Dos Taekwondo!


It is always fun in Dos Taekwondon Classes Sydney. We provide a fun and warm environment where the kids can just be themselves. This is where they can actually practice their social skills as well. For more information, please call 1300 338 919. Let your kids shine!

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