After discovering your child’s potential, may it be physically active or your child is learning towards the creative side, you might want to consider taekwondo for your kids. Taekwondo for kids is a great way to begin a child’s future.  DOS Taekwondo offers taekwondo classes to children starting at the age of 4.  Having them begin at an early age will not only help them rank up the belt system a lot quicker, but it can also help them become more inclined and well-rounded as they grow older.

Why Taekwondo for kids?


Taekwondo is a famous martial art that focuses on strengthening an individual’s balance, memory, coordination, focus, and the like. Having children start at an early age can be very beneficial as it would be easier to mould them and become professional martial artists as they progress and grow older.  With the determination of the youth and with proper and extensive training, your children will be able to grow older having knowledge on how to protect themselves and even become a well known champion in the sport of taekwondo.

Taekwondo uses a belt system in moving up the ranks of the martial art which symbolizes the level of expertise an individual has achieved.  Once your child begins training in the martial art, he/she is given a White Belt in which your child has to progress and take an exam before he/she can be promoted to the next belt until they reach the Black Belt.  The ranks and colors of the taekwondo belt system go as follows:

  1. 9th Gup White Belt
  2. 8th Gup Yellow Belt
  3. 7th Gup Yellow Belt
  4. 6th Gup Blue Belt
  5. 5th Gup Blue Belt
  6. 4th Gup Blue Belt
  7. 3rd Gup Red Belt
  8. 2nd Gup Red Belt
  9. 1st Gup Red Belt
  10. 1st Dan Black Belt

The black belt is the dream of any martial arts athlete, the highest rank to be achieve. Once your child has reached the Black Belt from finishing and mastering the foundations of the martial art, another set of rankings is followed where the Black Belter is promoted according to his/her total years of training.  An individual starts with the 1st Dan and progresses throughout the years until he/she reaches the 9th Dan which takes years and years of training. But hard work pays off right? When you receive this kind of belts and awards, it is something that no one can ever take away from you. If you want your child to be the next taekwondo grandmaster, then enroll him/her in taekwondo for kids.

The number of benefits that taekwondo will give your child is growing and growing. Enrolling your child at an early age in taekwondo is a good move for we help the child become more responsible for himself/herself and his/her surroundings as he/she grows as an adult.  Remember, taekwondo for kids is not only just about kicks and punches, but also about life teachings and self-development. You are going to learn more of that as the time comes.

Taekwondo for kids can be quite fun as children enjoy doing such activities.  Having them exposed to the martial arts at an early age can help them as they progress in their daily lives.  Especially with the training coming from DOS Taekwondo, not only do the children become more physically inclined, but they also become well-rounded individuals mentally and socially.

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