Whether its duet old age, heavy work, unhealthy lifestyle, or bad posture, almost everyone gets a share of back pain at one point of their lives. Always effective though is the famous saying believed by Taekwondo in Sydney: “Prevention is better than cure”.

Good posture improves the growth and development of the body and it promotes a healthier life. Back pain and posture correction can be done by exercising and stretching. In taekwondo, before engaging in any training programs, stretching is required. So if you are thinking of a good way to fix that posture and relieving that back pain while learning martial arts, taekwondo is a good choice for you.

It is a proven simple point that before you even experience back pain, postural correction and back exercise are two good ways to prevent you from experiencing it. There are a lot of articles in the Internet where you can pick up correct posture application but for now, here is an article for the back exercise parts in Taekwondo in Sydney.

Taekwondo In Sydney Tips And Tricks

  1. Prone Lying

One of the simplest and effortless back exercises is by simply lying down on your stomach. Not, sleeping but just lying down. You have to relax though and take 1-2 minutes of breathing slowly and deeply. Then hold yourself up with your elbows for the next exercise.

  1. Prone Prop-ups

With your stomach on the floor and elbows holding your upper body up, start relaxing. Again, take a relaxed breathing for 1-2 minutes while in this position. Then, push your elbows up and use the palm of your hands to hold you up for the next exercise.

  1. Press-ups

Next, with your palms set linear to your shoulders and pushing your upper body from the floor, start pushing your shoulders up. Let your low back relax and keep your hips on the floor as you slowly push your shoulders up. When you reached your limit, hold it 1-2 seconds then return fully to your starting position. Repeat this for about 10 times. You may do these exercises before and after your taekwondo classes Sydney as a part of your warm-up and cool down stretches.

photo by J U A C O

Told you they’re pretty easy. They don’t even feel like exercise and it won’t even take too much of your time. The aim of this series of exercises is just to get back and keep the mobility, strength and correct position of your back. It’s like returning the set-up of your back to its natural state, which is not prone to aching. This is important for Taekwondo in Sydney classes Sydney for both the students and masters.


There are other more tricks that you can learn from us. We have great masters who are dedicated to bringing out the best in you and sharing their secrets in acing Taekwondo. I bet you want to learn more about our taekwondo masters, don’t you? If you are aspiring to become like them, now is the time.

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