Learning Dos Taekwondo is an exciting moment for every student. In Dos Taekwondo, we really commit to give lessons that will forever impact the life of our students. We know that the taekwondo kicks and basic techniques and skills play crucial start points of every student.

Learning Dos Taekwondo also entails learning and understanding the significance of the sports. We value how a student understands and values every skill they learn with us. We want them to fully understand the exact way where every high level skill is a simple variation of the taekwondo kicks and basic skills. Also, basic skills can turn into a brilliant taekwondo move.

Taekwondo techniques vary between most schools and level and not all techniques are included. As taekwondo developed, the importance of taekwondo kicks remained vital to the art, right through to the modern age. The taekwondo kicks and basic taekwondo moves are the hardest, most boring and trivial to learn. However, we always ensure that our students will have a great and exciting time to learn everything.

The following are some examples of taekwondo kicks and basic skills that we teach in Dos Taekwondo:

  1.  Base
    • The stance is your base on the ground. Your ground is where you connect with the earth and it is your grounding. We teach our students to skillfully connect with their base.
    • We teach hot to make stances strong and solid. In this way, our student’s moves will come from a stable base.
  2. Taekwondo Block
    • Taekwondo blocks are strong moves which are designed to halt attacks like punches or kicks. This basic move protects the body or head from being hit. You should be alert, strong, and fast to be able to block your opponents.
    • Dos Taekwondo teaches the use of a blocking arm and a chambering arm. These two arms produce action and reaction. Also, they counter each other. Using these techniques effectively gives the body strength to block punches and kicks.
    • Learning how to twist at the end of each block is also necessary because this gives more power to perform.
  3. Taekwondo Strikes
    • Taekwondo involves the combination of the hand and foot in order to fight effectively. Hand strikes are equally important in these sports.
    • Kicking at a correct distance is great but when your opponent is at close range, then you have to maximize the use of your hands
    • Learning how to punch with a great and powerful impact is a great taekwondo move. Other movements included in this skill were the knife-hands, back-fists, and ridge-hand strikes.

Learning Dos Taekwondo Kicks with our passionate and committed instructors will surely motivate and encourage you to do your best.  We assure you that we will help you to progress quickly and easily towards your personal goals. We are proud of our great teachers who taught thousands of taekwondo students who turned out to be champions in this sports. Our students are also encouraged to show sportsmanship to their fellow athletes at all times.

Learn more in Taekwondo Kicks and techniques by enrolling in Dos Taekwondo. We have great trainers that will help you thrive in Martial Arts. Just call 1300 338 919 for inquiries. See you!

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