Bullying is gaining more and more attention especially with the influence of social media, and the most common result of this is failure of students and even suicide. Although there are many anti-bullying campaigns, bullying is still wide-spreading and children keep on dropping out of schools and staying at home instead of playing with other children. One of the well-known therapy for bullying is the Taekwondo Kids Sydney training as it helps children build their self-confidence and socialize with other kids.


DOS Taekwondo offers Taekwondo Kids Sydney to help them improve their self-esteem and fight bullying. Our program does not only help the children being bullied as we also help to understand the bullies and teach them with discipline by the means of training in best martial arts for kids. Children who participate in our training classes earlier gain more friends and improve not only their self-confidence but most other life skills.

The most common characteristics of children who get bully are thin, obese, nerdy and children who look weak. In DOS Taekwondo, your children will learn techniques of interacting with other children. They will also improve physically, emotionally and mentally helping them to fight off the bullies in a more disciplined manner. Here are more things your child will learn if you enroll him now at DOS Taekwondo’s Taekwondo Kids Sydney:

Why Enrol Your Child To Taekwondo Kids Sydney

 Development of Self-esteem

  • Bullies choose who they want to bully, and most kid’s bullied share the same characteristics which are: shy, thin, obese, kids who lack self-esteem and more. The development of their self-esteem will help the children to not be afraid and stand up for themselves.



  • For Bullies, most of them can be impulsive, hot headed and dominant. But if they are taught with the proper self-control, respect and discipline, this might just be the key for them to be a better person.


Faster thinking

  • Children who think faster can respond quicker and better. While training the art of taekwondo, your child will be able to develop his thinking skills.


Physical Fitness

  • As said earlier, those who are often bullied are the weak looking children. But if your child starts his class with DOS Taekwondo, one of the perks will be gaining a better physique. With a fitter body, your child will not become the focus of bullying anymore.

Taekwondo Kids Sydney — Let us stop bullying

DOS Taekwondo Martial Arts for Kids is a great way to stop and prevent bullying. Enrolling your child at DOS will help him fight bullying by improving himself. Besides, kids should learn how to defend themselves nowadays. This way, they would learn how to be independent and strong. Of course, every parent wants their child to be brave enough to face what’s ahead of them.

Everything will be alright with Dos Taekwondo Kids Sydney. Great trainers are waiting to train students to become sturdy and bold. With Dos Taekwondo Kids Sydney, we can stop bullying. For questions, please, don’t be hesitant to call us at 1300 338 919.

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